#DorianGray on #PennyDreadful portrayed by @reevecarney

DorianGrayLast night, Penny Dreadful introduced the highly seductive Dorian Gray, portrayed by the very handsome Reeve Carney. Ladies, if you didn’t watch this episode, you missed out.

I’m sure most of know the story of Dorian Gray. He was granted immortality by a dark force, and any sickness or injury he suffered was passed along to a painting of his image, which gives him the appearance of youth and beauty forever. Dorian Gray lived a hedonistic lifestyle and he did it oh so well.

As a side note, Dorian Gray has always been one of my favorite characters. I favored many of his traits in the creation of my beautiful, yet deadly demon vampire, Demetri Bithanos from the Dragon Queen Series.

Now back to Dorian…

Mr. Gray oozes raw sexuality. He approaches his prey like a wolf on the hunt. When he appeared on screen, he just simply took my breath away. I know for a fact I wasn’t the only one. His swagger… Ooo chile, the way he sauntered across the room was the display of a man on a mission. Being that he was surrounded by paintings, I knew exactly who he was before he even opened his mouth.

Fans self… *swoon*

Within the storyline, he’d acquired Brona Croft portrayed by Billie Piper to pose for some photographs. Brona has a sickness that is slowly but surely taking her life. Well, during the photo-shoot, she coughed up blood. Ew, right? Mr. Gray, who was directing the shoot, saw the blood and was immediately turned on. Brona, on the other hand, was quite mortified. At that moment, she didn’t realize she’d just awakened a sexual beast.

Disregarding her sickness, he took her in his arms and commenced to seduce her into mindlessness. He had his way with her right there on the spot, in front of the camera man, who continued to shoot photos with a smile on his face. Even when Brona coughed blood in his face… yeah, COUGHED BLOOD IN HIS FACE, he didn’t slow his stride. The blood only aroused him more. After that, he really turned her out.

“Do you feel it more deeply I wonder, the pain?”

“Do you?”

It was an enticing scene. Yes, it was a bit disturbing and gross, but at the same time, it was sexy as all hell.

DorianGray1Now, when Mr. Gray approached Vanessa Ives, I just knew she would be able to resist his allure, but I was so wrong. She felt his eyes on her and time briefly stopped.

“Your hands want to touch, but your head wants to appraise. Your heart is torn between the two. You were skeptical because you thought this was going to be a wasted evening… but now you’re not so sure.”

The thing about Dorian is when he wants you, he does not hesitate to invade your personal space. He is all in your face! When you take a step back, he steps forward. No matter how hard you try to fight it, in the end you’ll succumb to his desires and he will get the panties.DorianGray2

Hell, upon their first meeting, Vanessa was on the verge of giving up her goodies, during a very public gala. Seriously, he was about get it in front of everyone! Had the host not interrupted them, it would’ve been on and popping. Whew! I’m giddy just by thinking about it.

Well done, Mr. Reeve Carney. Your portrayal of Dorian Gray leaves me anxious and eager for more. I’m going to keep an eye out for you. 😉



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  1. I totally agree! Ms. Ives has more restraint that I would have had around him…LOL He’s the perfect Dorian Gray. Penny Dreadful is my fave new show…can’t wait for the next episode!

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