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Happy Friday, folks! It’s giveaway time!

On Friday, June 27th, I will randomly choose 1 or 2 readers to win an autographed copy of Rock Star Lover / Masked Desires, the combo edition.


All you have to do is like my Facebook Fan Page.

Then add Masked Desires to your Goodreads list by clicking the add image below.


Don’t miss out on your chance to win!


Also available from the Carnal Diaries Series for only $1.99…

Rock Star Lover


5 Replies to “MASKED DESIRES #BookGiveaway #asmsg #ian #EroticRomance #CarnalDiaries”

  1. I added the book to my shelf and liked your FB page. The books look great and I look forward to reading them. Love the mask the woman is wearing on the cover.

  2. I have to say I read and loved Rock Star Diaries it was new and fresh in a lot of ways and I lost it in my archives and kept trying to remember what the name was.It wasn’t until I saw your post on fb in a group I’m in did I realize and went searching re-read and found a new love,Designing Love. Another hit in my opinion and I loved the cover for it also. Now you have a new book coming out I can’t wait 🙂 good luck with this although I’ll doubt you need it.

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