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Good news! Rock Star Lover and Masked Desires Combo edition is available in print at your favorite book store!

“Let me rock your body in ways you will never forget.”

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Rock Star Lover

Blues singer, Aubrey Anderson finds herself tangled in the reality of her secret desire. Her head tells her to devote her life to the good, steady man, who intends to marry her. But her heart reaches for her childhood friend–British rocker, Ripp Collins.

For the sake of their friendship, Ripp has always respected the distance Aubrey put between them. But once he learns of her engagement, he is no longer willing to bury his feelings for her.

Can he convince her to give into him, despite his bad boy reputation, or will she keep running from the passion they could share?


“If I told you I would give up the fame to be with you, would you believe me?”


His hand eased between the opening in my jacket and blouse, making my breath hitch. “Even after I’ve told you time and time again how much you mean to me, how I would rather not live this life at all, than to live it without you?”

How could I tell him that loving him frightens me? “You don’t understand…”

“Actually, I do. My Devil Eyed Angel. That song’s about me, isn’t it?”

I bristled. How did he even know about that song? My first time performing it was… Aw no. “You were there Thursday night?”

He let out an airy chuckle. “I came out early to watch you perform. I hid in the shadows so you wouldn’t see me. The words to that song… The way they made me feel… I recorded your performance and listened to that song on repeat all night, until every single word was burned into my memory.” He moved his hand beneath my bra and palmed my breast as he began to softly sing the song written about him. “He whispers my name in the night. He makes me want him. He makes me give into his sinful ways… He’s in my head, in my every thought, ‘cause I want him there, tasting my desire, setting my body ablaze…”

I closed my eyes and bit back a moan. I’ve ached for this for such a long time. I needed to feel his hands seduce the most sensitive parts of my body. I needed… him. “Ripp…”

He nuzzled the crook of my neck, pressing his lips against my hot skin. His protruding crotch dug harder into the small of my back. “Hearing you admit to a crowd of strangers how you feel about me—something you’ve never told me to my face… Well, to be quite honest, it pissed me off. Yet, at the same time, it filled me with so much happiness I nearly ran onto the stage and kissed you.” He caught my nipple between his fingers and tweaked it just right.

Strings of pleasure rushed through me and collided with the quivering nerves between my thighs. My body arched and I began to pant.

“Give it to me…” As one hand worked me into a frenzy, the other hand hovered over my lower belly. “Give me the next verse, Aubrey.” His fingers played around the button of my jeans, which he unlatched with ease. “Sing it for me.” He slowly pulled the zipper down. It made a whizzing sound as it went.

He had me, and he knew it. Whatever he desired, I would do it, but it left an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach about what this moment meant for my relationship with the sweet man waiting for me back at his condo.

I opened my mouth, breathing out soft mewls. When his hand crept past the opening in my jeans and beneath my panties, I whispered out the next verse in my song. “I pretend not to like it, pretend to not need him, pretend the look in his eyes don’t rock my world. I belong to another, yet I belong to him… When he throws that bad boy charm on me, I wanna be his bad girl.”

Meet Ripp Collins

Stay tuned for a steamy excerpt from MASKED DESIRES. 😉

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