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Hey there, fellow readers, bloggers and authors!

Forgive me for neglecting my blog for so long. A lot has been going on in my personal life and I’m just now catching up.

But today is a good day because it’s COVER REVEAL DAY!


Feast your eyes….


This cover was created by my secret crush, Karri Klawiter. ^_^

Seducing an Assassin is the third installment to the Carnal Diaries Series, and it will be available at all ebook vendors on September 26th. This is a special story, because I penned it with the very talented author, Pachet Burson. Later in the week, I’ll reveal how we came up with this sultry tale. 😉

(Erotic Romance, Interracial Romance)


Billionaire playboy, Roscoe Deverati lives his life in the fast lane, breaking hearts along the way. As a result, he has gained more enemies than friends. Of course, with the enemies come retaliation, which explains how his name took the top spot on an assassin’s hit list.

Zoe Monroe, a master assassin, accepts the contract to cancel out some rich hotshot with a huge ego. She immediately gets to work on setting him up for the kill. The moment she sets her riflescope’s crosshairs on him, a strong desire for him rises within her. Ultimately, her attraction to him compromises her mission when he lures her into a sultry cat and mouse chase.

Will Zoe carry out her mission and eliminate him, or will she give into his seduction to find out just how big his ego is?