Available for Pre-Order, Seducing an Assassin (Carnal Diaries) #asmsg #InterracialRomance #EroticRomance

The 3rd tale in the Carnal Diaries Series, Seducing an Assassin is now available for pre-order, for only $.99! It won’t be that price for long, so get in on this saving while you still can.  SeducinganAssassin_fbcover2

“Life is not worth living unless I’m living it on the edge.” ~ Roscoe Deverati

Billionaire playboy, Roscoe Deverati lives his life in the fast lane, breaking hearts along the way. As a result, he has gained more enemies than friends. Of course, with the enemies come retaliation, which explains how his name took the top spot on an assassin’s hit list.

Zoe Monroe, a master assassin, accepts the contract to cancel out some rich hotshot with a huge ego. She immediately gets to work on setting him up for the kill. The moment she sets her riflescope’s crosshairs on him, a strong desire for him rises within her. Ultimately, her attraction to him compromises her mission when he lures her into a sultry cat and mouse chase.

Will Zoe carry out her mission and eliminate him, or will she give into his seduction to find out just how big his ego is? SeducinganAssassin_ebook_Final

More than a few minutes had passed by before I started thinking that maybe my attempts to woo a hit woman were in vain. Here I am standing at the door, staring at the doorknob like an idiot, willing it to turn. “Shit.” And I was so sure she would come.

I sat the second flute down and fished out my cell phone. I fingered in the desired code to locate my anxiously awaited date. According to the small green dot on the screen, she was still in this area.

I zoomed in. Actually, she’s near the building.

I zoomed in further. No, she’s in the building.

Closer. No wait, she’s…

Something hard pressed into my lower back. Icy terror and sexual excitement spiraled through me. I didn’t know whether I should turn around and face her, or stay rooted to the floor in this position with my eyes glued on the door.

After a few seconds that ticked by like hours, I released the breath I’d been holding and took a sip of the champagne. “Thank you for coming.” I finally said. “Would you like some champagne?”

She leaned against me; her breasts pressed into my back. “I have only one question to ask you, then after that, my business with you is done.”

“What will you do after your business is done?” I dared to ask.

“I’ll do away with you, and then all of the women you’ve mistreated over the years can dance on your grave.”

“Surely, you can think of some way I can entertain you before you do away with me.”

As if annoyed, she clucked her tongue. “How did you know you were my mark? Furthermore, how did you get my number?”

“That’s two questions.”

“It’d be wise of you to answer them both since I have a loaded pistol pressed into your spine.”

Smiling, I took another sip. “I do believe you have more than just a pistol pressed into my back, sweetheart.” The barrel dug in deeper, making me wince.

“I am not your sweetheart.”



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