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Today’s spotlight is on the talented author, Jamallah Bergman! I met her in one of my favorite FB groups for Wicked Women like myself. She has a collection of amazing stories to share with your eager eyes.

Jamallah Bergman 2My name is Jamallah Bergman and I’ve been writing for a number of years but I didn’t become a publisher author until 2011 with my first story “If…Only You Knew”.

As of to date, I have 11 books with my publisher Secret Cravings Publishing as well as 3 self-publish books that two of which I’ve published an anthology with other authors with more stories to come for sure.

My latest release is the fourth book in the Ciprianos of Kellington series called Federico.

Each story in the series deals with a brother which starts with Renzo, the oldest….then Simone and Gianni and now the youngest of the brothers has his own story. I have to say that I’ve gotten a lot of praise for this series from a lot of my fans for they have enjoyed reading up about the brothers and the family itself.

I can say that not only am I an author but I am also a friend to those that I talk to online. If you every message me or anything, I take the time to talk with whoever wants to talk and I’ve been known to give helpful advice. So if you every want to ask me a question about any of my books, feel free to ask away, I enjoy getting messages from readers and fans alike.


Federico Blurb

Federico Cipriano has everything going for him….he has charm and flair as well as being the owner of his own landscaping business. Plus the fact that his good looks has gotten him with many women in town. But there seem to be one who is playing hard to get and she’s the one he desires the most out of all…..Michelle Bordeaux.

Michelle Bordeaux came with her parents to open up Le Jardin Des Cygnes in Kellington, on the knowledge that she would return back to Arizona after a year, so she could get back with the man she loves. But there has been something, well actually someone who has been nothing more than a thorn in her side since the first time he laid eyes on her….Federico Cipriano.

He wants her as a conquest…..but soon he realizes that he wants more.

She wants nothing to do with him…..but why does she find herself unable to get him off her mind?

What happens when these two absolutely different people go head to head with one another?

Plenty of laughs as well as tons of sparks.

Also see what happens with Renzo & Jaslyn, Simone & Delia along with Gianni, Maiara and Fiona in the last book of the Cipriano of Kellington series. Frederico_MED

Federico Excerpt

“Why good evening, ladies,” Rudolph started in as Federico kept his eye on her.

“Hello, Rudolph, and hello, Federico, how are you guys doing tonight?”

“Doing good, we saw you ladies sitting here by yourselves and thought it would be nice to come over and sit with you two.” Federico told them with a smile that could probably melt any other woman’s heart but not her own. “Do you mind if we sit down?”

“Of course please do?” Regina scooted over toward her and all Michelle could do was shake her head in disapproval. Of course he had to sit right next to her, so close that she could smell his cologne. When she looked over at him, eyes which were a mix of both blue and steely grey continued to stare her down, like she was some painting in the Louvre. “Do you mind not sitting so close to me, Mr. Cipriano?”

“I’m sorry.” He pulled back only but an inch or so from her, which really didn’t make much of a difference. She sat back, looking out toward the crowd. “You are so going to make this evening just as difficult as you did at the restaurant aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you mean by that, Michelle. I’m just sitting here with a lovely lady tonight. Would you like another drink, it seems your pitcher is empty.”

“No thanks.”

“Of course we would like another pitcher, thanks, Federico.” Regina told him, nudging her knee underneath the table.

He motioned for the waitress and when she came over, he told her to bring another pitcher of margaritas. But as soon as he did that, he scooted even closer to her, to where he was literally breathing down her neck he was so close. “I must say, Michelle, you smell good tonight.”

“Do you have to be so God damn close?”

“I can’t help it, you smell too good for me to be not sitting so close.” His body pressed up along her back of her chair and in an instance she felt like leaning up against it. But she had to be strong and keep her composure.

“Sir, if you don’t mind getting out of my personal space before you end up with a wet lap.” Michelle warned him.

“Do you mean you plan on tossing a drink in my lap because I’m in your personal space?”

“Well isn’t that wonderful to hear that at least you have some bit of sense.”

Moving in close to her ear, Michelle heard him whisper, “I dare ya.”

Both Rudolph and Regina looked on as they didn’t know what the hell would happen next between the two of them. Michelle turned to look this man eye to eye, which she realized was a big mistake because this fool had the nerve to smile at her, which only made her even angrier. Oh she planned on wiping that smug smile of his off his face for good. Looking around she saw the waitress coming over with the pitcher of margaritas toward their table. When she put it down on the table, Michelle immediately picked it up. “So you want to play I see?”

“Well, I do love to play games,” Federico told her as they both eyed the pitcher in her hand.

“Oh my God, Michelle, if you think of doing what I think you’re thinking of doing, you are cruel,” Regina told her while everyone around them stared wide-eyed.

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5 Replies to “Author Spotlight ~ Jamallah Bergman @silentbutloud1 #Romance #Erotica #ASMSG”

  1. Thanks for highlighting Jamallah & her series; she is a “new to me” author! I am dying of curiosity, though… who is the guy in the pic? I’m assuming a cover model from a convention…??

    1. Hiya SnarkyMom,

      I do hope you enjoy my books and all. 🙂

      As far as the model, I haven’t a clue as to who he is but I’ve seen him before on another page before but he is very handsome 🙂

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