So Long, Dr. Derek Shepherd. I’ll Miss You. #GreysAnatomy

***WARNING: Spoilers below***

***If you’re behind on Grey’s Anatomy, please don’t read this blog post!***

Okay, now that I’ve had the weekend to cool down, I can talk about last week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode without getting pissed the hell off. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I spouted many expletives during the show. Here’s a few tweets in case you missed my rant…


Shonda Rhimes created a thrilling, yet disheartening episode that literally had me on the edge of my seat. And at the end, it had me in tears.

Why did it have to be Derek?!

It’s my understanding Patrick Dempsey desired to leave the show to pursue other goals in his career. I can respect that, and I’m sure Shonda could too, but it left her with a hard decision to make. I also heard she and Patrick exchanged some unpleasant words and it resulted in his character’s abrupt departure from the show. I really hope that’s just a vicious rumor made up by the internet masses. If it isn’t, maybe he felt that was his only way out of his contract. *shrug* No one truly knows but Patrick, Shonda and God, so I won’t bother mulling over it.

Nevertheless, she had to think of a creative way to axe one of Grey Anatomy’s most beloved characters. So, her muses led her to this end… hit him with a goddamn truck. *sigh* Damn, that scene was hard to watch. The following scenes were even harder to watch.

The man who’d saved countless lives throughout the existence of the show had to suffer being treated by a team of incompetent doctors at a facility that wasn’t made for ER. What the bloody hell…! It was a harsh ending and Derek didn’t deserve that. But you know what, it happens. Good people lose their lives under the care of incompetent doctors everyday… so, I guess I could see that being realistic.

Still, there had to be a better way to send Derek into the afterlife, Shonda! *You can’t see me, but I’m giving you the evil eye*

I’ve been thinking of other ways his character could’ve exited the show. Some people were saying he should’ve stayed in DC. I disagree! His wife and kids are in Seattle. Why would he just ditch them like that? For the pretty little doctor with the bright doe eyes? C’mon now! That’s a horrible exit. I would’ve hated his character’s guts for all eternity after that. It couldn’t be the same as Yang’s departure. She didn’t have anything or anyone tying her to Seattle. Sure, she had Owen and Grey, but that wasn’t enough to keep her grounded. The way she left was perfect for her character, but not for Derek.

He went out as a savior. At least that’s the way I’d like to look at it.

Many Grey’s Anatomy fans are calling it quits on the show, because they were so displeased with the route the plot took. I admit, I thought about giving up, simply because I carried a soft spot for Shepherd, but then I remembered the reason I started watching in the first place. I watched for Grey. After all, the show is titled GREY’s Anatomy, not SHEPHERD’s Anatomy. Sure, I’m emotionally invested with many of the characters on the show, but it’s Grey who encourages me to sit in front of my TV with a glass of wine every Thursday at 8p. I’m curious to see the next chapter in her life. She’s lost her best friend and now her husband. How will she piece together her shattered emotions?

I’ll be watching to see. Will you?

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