Happy Anniversary Raven’s Seduction

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year since I pubbed this novel! Time most certainly does fly by. This novel is one of my faves, mainly because I suffered many emotions while writing it. All of those emotions came through the characters, one way or another, which in turn created a compelling, highly sexual read. Thank you for the wild ride, Raven.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Raven’s Seduction!

“He touches me without laying a hand on me. He caresses my soul without speaking a word. How can I resist him when seduction is his superpower?” 

Raven Chan, a former international model, moves to the US to start anew. One day, he sees a woman who takes his breath away. He tries to get her attention, but she’s distracted by a heated conversation on the phone. He finds himself following her. He realizes if he doesn’t connect with her now, the chances of him finding her again are slim to none. 

Naturi Ross is stuck in a pattern, going from one bad relationship to another. She considers herself a strong black woman on the road to success, but when it comes to affairs of her heart, she just can’t seem to get it right. As her insecurities heighten, her self-esteem dwindles. Then a man of any woman’s dream crashes into her life. Quite literally.

Buckle up and hold on tight! Raven’s Seduction is an emotional rollercoaster ride, rife with feverish desire and passion. 

One Reply to “Happy Anniversary Raven’s Seduction”

  1. Awesome series im so looking forward to book 3 im so glad you started this book raven is a badass character 👊🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼you are truly gifted writer may you be blessed always 🙏 😊 

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