Dragon*Con ~ Jedi and Villain Pics

Happy Friday folks!

I took a ton of pictures at the Dragon*Con, but only chose the best ones to share with you guys. Some people put a lot of time and money in their costumes and it shows. This was only supposed to be my villain post, but I decided to add the Jedi in the mix as well.


The Disney Villain Crew!

Best Darth Maul ever on the left! The guy on the right stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowd. He towered over us regular folks like a giant, but he was such a sweetheart. ^_^

Sith Assassin

This guy was not only hella cute, he was a joy to be around. He had such a fun outgoing personality. I only spent like 15 minutes with him, but in that time I fell in love. His Jedi Master Force totally worked on me. 😉

Aayla Secura!

In my opinion, she had the best Jedi costume at the Dragon*Con.

Not sure, but I think this guy is another Sith Assassin. He played the part very well and stayed in character.

Obi Wan gives great hugs! *grin*

She has a bright smile, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that in this picture, ‘cause she was so in character.

Adorable female Ewok!

Anakin, oh Anakin!

Isn’t he a cutie?

The Cobra Commando Squad!

Took a lot of pictures of the girl in the blue mask. Everywhere I went she was there. I think she was secretly following me around. *giggle*

Alright fellas, I have several female Loki pics.

Bane and Loki!

The dynamic evil duo!

The other girls were hot and gave Loki a flare of feminine sex appeal, but the chick on the right was the best Loki by far. All she needed was the horned helmet.

Star Sapphire (at least that’s who I think she’s supposed to be) and Syndrome from the Incredibles.



Yes, that’s a cigarette in Voldermort’s right hand. I caught him on his ciggy break. *snicker*

I don’t know what character he is, but this was a wicked costume.

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Dragon*Con ~ Superhero Pics

Hey there, people!

This past weekend, I attended the Dragon*Con, which was an amazing experience for me. I met so many great people and saw some incredible costumes.

This was a chance for regular people to dress up and become superstars! All they had to do was stand there looking the part and a horde of photographers would rush up flashing their cameras. This weekend I was one of those photographers. ^_^ I’m telling you, I worked my Canon over time forreal. Every chance I got, I was aiming and pressing the shutter button.

Because there are so many pictures, I’m going to split them into 4 separate blogs. I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to drop a comment on the ones you like. 😀

Here we go…

The Alien Hunting Crew

In the middle of the hotel lobby, they did a very entertaining skit from the movie Aliens. After the Alien took out two of the soldiers, they killed him. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of the Alien. He ran off to the restroom before I could get a shot. *grin*

There were several people dressed as Batman, but I believe I got the pics of the best ones. 😀 Catwoman in her corset is pretty wicked too.



The Green Lantern Crew

I promise I didn’t take this pic just because the guy on the far left is half naked. *giggle*

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Catniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games & Merida from Brave


Lara Croft, Catniss & Punisher

Loki and the Black Widow going at it!

Storm, Rogue and Gambit

Love this crew! They stayed in character the whole time.

The Joker would be hating on Superman right about now. :p

The pic on the right clearly turned out a little fuzzy, but I couldn’t cut it out because it was so memorable. The girl with her tongue out made this photo entertaining.

Thors! The Thunder Gods!

And Thor the Thunder Goddess!

Wonder Woman!!!

Hit Girl from Kick-Ass!

I met this young lady while chatting with Tom Wood, an amazing fantasy artist. In my opinion she had the best costume there. Kick Ass!!!

Stay tuned for my villain, Jedi (cause there were a whole lot of them) and fantasy/anime pics . 🙂

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