Breathe Her In


I can’t help it

I can’t help but breathe her in

Consume her on every inhale

Swallow her moans

With the breath of her soul, she tempts me

Compels me

Seduces me

And leaves the taste of her passion on my tongue


Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

In the Mind of a Dom

Hello, my lovelies. Happy Hump Day!

Today, I want to step into the world of submission. The wonderful thing about being a Dom is manipulating the power of mental foreplay. As many of you already know, or I hope you know, the brain is the strongest sexual organ there is. Once you captivate the mind, the body automatically falls into the seduction.

This passage I’m about to share with you was brought to my attention by a fellow Tumblr blogger. I read it with an open mind and when I got to the end of it, I was beyond hot and bothered. *blush* This Dom knows how to manipulate the mind, leaving his submissive wallowing in needy anticipation. This is probably one of the sexiest passages I have ever read. I’m not sure who wrote it. I wish I knew because I would commend them on their seductive methods.


For The Love of a Submissive

One of the great joys I experience as a Dom is the ability to control the tempo and intensity with which my submissive’s imagination travels and at what point her anticipation overwhelms her, sending her spiraling into a mental and emotional orgasm long before the physical ones ever manifests themselves.

Mental foreplay long precedes the physical as our respective roles are established and positions cemented. This may involve low soft talk and the subtle giving of direction in both sexual and non-sexual contexts. One of my favorite methods is to quietly ask provoking and embarrassing questions or give soft subtle commands that elicit responses clearly delineating our positions; my dominance, your submission.

In a restaurant for example, I may ask the server if he thinks you look hot in your new evening dress. Naturally he will agree to which I may “suggest” that you stand up and show it to him, commending you to turn around and let him see the back while I comment on how it makes your ass look completely irresistible. Naturally, ever the gentleman, I would then thank you and hold your chair as your return to your seat.

DinnerI may ask you softly if you are wearing panties under your dress (you should know better) and if so suggest that you excuse yourself to the ladies room to remove them. Naturally I will insist that you hand them to me (over the table) when you return to your seat making sure that others can see the transaction. In a low husky voice I may ask if it worries you that you might leave a spot on your new dress since you will be soaked knowing that I intend to blindfold you when we return to the room and slowly tease you into a frenzy, depriving you of your orgasms for hours as I turn your entire body into my playground. I may ask if it worries you that you that I may command you to please yourself, right here in the restaurant, under the table while I watch the expressions on your face. I may tell you that if you fail to reach an orgasm right here at the table, I will be forced to take you over my lap and alternately spank and finger you relentlessly to painful orgasm after painful orgasm back in the room.

Then, having set your mind reeling with a combination of dread and anticipation, I may do none of it at all; suggesting only that you finish your dinner, leaving you wondering what might be coming next and when.

By now, if you are not wet and mentally squirming with anticipation, I have sorely misjudged you. But then, I know you well…I know how to press your buttons.

Back in the room, you are all aflame and desirous and eager to be taken. But not so fast. First, the blindfold. I have you present yourself to me on the bed, head down, ass up. I move around the room making small noises, leaving you to wonder what is going to happen next, when, where, and how. Now is the time when I can truly set your mind whirling in spasms of anticipation. I may brush back a whisp of hair from your face, the smallest touch magnified to outrageous intensity in your heightened state of sight-deprived arousal and awareness. I may trace a fingertip down your spine to your tail bone, leaving a trail of fire and cold shivers in its wake. I may slowly lift the hem of your dress, dragging the fabric tantilyzingly over your bare ass until it rests upon your back, leaving you exposed to my sight and whim. I may make you wait like that for a long, long time as I just sit back taking in the glorious submissive sight of you.

But when the first touch comes. No matter where it is or what its intensity. You melt. All of the pent up anticipation releases like a raging river from a bursting dam. Whatever tiny shards of self-will that might have remained abandon you. You are mine. Given. Taken. Owned.

This is the nature of the mental foreplay of which I speak and so enjoy as your Dom. This absolute control without the need for restraint. You submit utterly and completely to my will and in so doing grant me absolute power over your heart and mind; long before I ever touch your body.

This is the essence of D/s. This is the essence of us.

Caption © For The Love of a Submissive, 2012

Evening’s Supper

Happy Hump Day, folks!

I often post images that spark my interest on my FB FAN PAGE. Last week I posted an image that sparked the interest of another author as well, the lovely and talented Pachet Burson. It started with her posting a caption to the image. I countered her caption with another. And before we knew it, a very sexy flash fiction had unfolded! Enjoy!

She was a feast for more than the eyes but their tongues as well…

She basked under their hungry gazes, eager to strip down to her flesh and serve her body as the evening’s supper…

It wasn’t enough that one person indulge in the feast of her curves. She wanted the others to crave her and devour her from the outside in…

Daniel was the first to touch. His hand crept ever so gently up the back of her thigh…

With Eve’s fingers circling the dimples at her back. An electric current passed through her in a flash and she ached for release.

Bridget’s hot mouth latched onto hers. As their tongues danced, fingers slid beneath her panties and caressed her moist flesh…

Dorian sucked in a gust of air, feeling his blood boil from within. He unleashed the mass between his thighs while taking in the seductive scene that played out before him.

Dorian worked his fisted hand over his raging erection as Victoria bucked her backside onto Daniel’s hand. Daniel brought his fingers to his mouth, tasting the essence of her lust.
Daniel smiled at him and said, “I think she’s ready, mate.”

Dorian responded with a deep grunt while he removed his charcoal slacks. With his eyes locked on Victoria and he placed a thumb in her mouth. Her hot tongue lashed at it before he jerked her head back and kissed her hard. When he pulled away, his command was simple, “Use your teeth.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

Copyright © Pachet Burson 2013

To see the image that inspired this flash fiction, click here >>>

Forever Lovers

Rose petals cling to our naked flesh as we unite, my umber tone intertwined with his peachy complexion. Fingers caressing my sensitive pearl, he repeatedly fills my hungry pussy, binding my body to his in heated passion. The delicious scent of our ecstasy permeates the air.

I am his, he is mine.

Forever lovers caught in the web of mindless pleasure.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

Designing Love by Yvonne Nicolas

Gift of Persuasion

Gift of Persuasion

Sheila smiled as soon as they walked into the building. “A male gay club? Really, Trevor? Why’d you bring me here?”

She looked over at her maker. His fangs descended as his devilish green eyes glazed over in feverish lust. The wave of his open desire whipped through her like raging storm. Her own sharp incisors crept from beneath her gums.

Sidling closer to him, she slid her hand into his. “See something you like?”

“I want you to sense it…” He dropped that heart-stopping gaze on her. “The rapid pulses, the thick blood pumping through veins, the aura of raw sex in the air… Breathe it in. Then target your victim. Don’t bother reading their minds. Just choose one that appeals to you.”

Shaking her head, she giggled. “You mean to truly test my will. I think I’d have more success in a straight club, don’t you think?”

“My darling, you fail to realize the power you hold. Your elegant umber tone and bountiful curves…” His fingertips danced over her naked shoulder and along the length of her neck. A shudder darted down her spine. “There’s not a man alive who is able to resist your beauty.” His haunting whisper wafted over the thumping music. “Use the gift I’ve given you, the gift of persuasion.”

She scanned the crowd. A man near the bar caught her attention. Nursing a glass of scotch, he eyed her over his shoulder, or rather eyed her maker. He was beautiful, toned. What she liked most about him was that his blood was running hotter than all the men in the club.

He was perfect.

“Come to me,” she commanded in mental message.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he slid off the barstool and ambled toward them, winding his hips to the beat of the music.

“Nice choice. He seems anxious to be your blood whore.”

She grinned up at Trevor as he watched the man’s seductive approach in eager anticipation.

“I have a hot fantasy sailing along my mind,” she whispered. “Can you see it?”

Dancefloor loversHe chuckled. “You wicked little minx. I see you have no problem with abusing your gift.” He reached over his head and yanked his shirt off. “That aside, your desires are also mine and I do enjoy satisfying them.”

Trevor grazed his fingertips over the guy’s erect nipples as he slinked behind him. Moaning, the man helplessly melted into his embrace.

Eyes focused on her, Trevor smiled and tugged on the guy’s shirt, baring his delicious torso. He was teasing her.

Sheila found herself trembling and breathing heavily.

Mouth hovering over his jugular, Trevor winked and crooned, “For you, sweetheart.” Then he lost his fangs in his victim’s flesh.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

I hope you enjoyed this flash tale. I scored this image from a fellow Tumblr blogger, and as you can see it inspired a story.

Thanks to the fans’ requests, there’s a new genre I enjoy writing―M/M/F. I also enjoy M/M, but I think it makes the read a little spicier when a woman is added to the mix.

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Devil Eyes

Those eyes… Those devil eyes; they pierced into me like bullets, making it difficult to breathe. Approaching me, he unraveled the scarf that I’d used to bring his life to an end.

Or so I thought I did.

“That wasn’t very nice, m’dear,” he crooned. “Indulge me with a night of passion, then kill me in my slumber… Tsk, tsk.”

“What the hell are you?” I asked, my voice shaky as I backed away from him.

“I have a better question. Who sent you to kill me, assassin?”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Halloween Special ~ Black Blood

Black Blood

“Keep your head down,” he whispered. “Don’t look her in the eyes.” With a delicate hand on her hip, Jon urged her forward. “Walk toward that door.”

“I don’t think this is going to work,” Linah murmured.

“It will if you do as you’re told.”

Nervousness snaked down her spine. She trembled. “You said she could sense Hunters. If that’s true, we’ll die on sight.”

“Demons can only sense your true nature if you look them in their eyes, so keep your eyes on the damn floor,” he growled through clenched teeth as they approached a door.

“But, this doesn’t feel right…”

“It took me a long time to find her. Don’t fuck this up.”

Something was suddenly off about him. He was so sweet and gentle up to this point.

She reached out and turned the knob. Soothing music reached her ears. Nina Simone.

Linah glanced up to take in her surroundings.

A bar was across the room. A woman with a smooth bronze complexion and streaked crimson hair sat on the barstool, her legs crossed. She sung softly along with Nina Simone as she grazed her fingers across the two long swords resting in her lap.

“Using a human as your pawn?” The woman chuckled. “Now that’s playing dirty.”

“Whatever it takes to make you mine, Dragon Queen,” Jon hissed, his voice deep and demonic. “Consider this girl one of my many gifts to you, your highness.”

“Nah, I’d rather have you instead.”

Out of no where a rush of wind doused her then Linah found herself face to face with the woman. Linah stood frozen in time, unable to move, as her scarlet eyes pierced her soul. The swords shot around Linah’s sides. 

Behind her, Jon cried out and fell against her, causing her to stumble forward into the woman. Warm liquid splashed across Linah’s back then Jon’s body melted to the floor.

When the woman pulled back, her swords were dripping in some strange looking black liquid. As she smiled and ran her tongue across the blade, stealing a taste of the dark colored substance, silver fangs gleamed beneath her lips.

“Oh Linah, Linah, Linah… You gotta stay away from handsome strangers with bright green eyes, girlie. They’re full of lies and death.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Thanks for reading!

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