Hump Day Flash #4 ~ Ravenous

Is it me, or is this month literally flying by? I’m not much on time and dates, ‘cause when I’m dead locked in the writing zone I slip away to my own world where the hands of time are stuck in one position and no one cares.

Needless to say, Hump Day Wednesday snuck up on me. I’m not gonna bore you with excuses or how busy I’ve been. I’m just gonna drop something delicious and seductive on you.


Hump Day Flash #4 ~ Ravenous

Jason’s hand struck her bare backside. “Bend your sexy ass over.”

She gasped, folded over and braced against chaise arm rest, more than ready for the mighty plunge. His fingers slid up and down her wet slit then delved into her opening, testing her readiness. Her legs trembled as her ravenous desire increased.

“You want this cock, baby?”


He smacked her ass cheek hard, sending tremors coasting through her. “Say it!”

“I want your cock, Jason!” she growled, rolling her backside against him. “Now stop messing around and slide all up in this juicy black pussy, boy.”

“Fuck yeah!” He grabbed her hips and with a powerful thrust forward rammed his full length into her inviting sex.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Sometimes a little dirty talk is better than foreplay. 😉

Hump Day Flash #3 ~ Too Fast

Yet another Hump Day special! 😉

I use these little flashes to get my writing juices flowing. So far they’ve been successful. Enjoy!

Hump Day Flash #3 ~ Too Fast

Tonya lay beneath him, naked and shivering.

Gazing down lovingly at her, Scott palmed her cheek. “Am I moving too fast?”

She’s wanted him for so long and during that time he’s been out of her reach, devoted to another woman. Now he was willing to be hers. Her man, her lover…

“Not fast enough,” she whispered.

He smiled. “Exactly what I wanted to hear.” He slid down her body, leaving wet kisses along her simmering flesh as he went then wrapped his strong arms around her thighs.

He dipped his face in her spot. His tongue dove between her moist folds and sought out her clit. As his hum of satisfaction vibrated through her, she lost her fingers in his hair.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Hump Day Flash #2 ~ Wet

Hey folks, I meant to post this yesterday, but got tied up with edits. So I’m celebrating Hump Day a day late. *grin* You don’t mind do you? 🙂

This flash tale was inspired by a black and white image that immediately caught my attention while strolling through Tumblr the other day. Once you take a gander at it you’ll see why. 😉

Hump Day Flash #2 ~ Wet

Jezel cooed and moaned in his embrace. Anxious to be touched on her aching spot, she parted her legs welcomingly. “Feel how wet I am for you.”

Licking and kissing her face, he held her tightly against him. He gently slapped at her pussy, making her clit quiver. The juicy sounds of her desire echoed through the room.

“Mm, baby you are wet.”

Long fingers slid up and down her valley, spreading her milky arousal. He then speared two fingers into her hungry opening. She latched onto his tie, bucking her hips with his strokes…

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

You know I love to leave you anxious for more. Happy late Hump Day! ;o)

To check out the image that inspired this post, drop my Tumblr account.

Flash Fiction Friday #31 ~ Cold Turkey

What the heck, it’s Friday already? Time just zipped by this week. Not that I’m complaining. I love Fridays and I love the weekend even more. 😉

Alrighty, I’m doing something a little different this week for my flash fiction. I didn’t get a chance to join my crew in FFF, but ran into an image on Tumblr that elicited a story as soon as I saw it. I didn’t go on word count. I just let the story flow, which works better for me when it comes to my writing.

Would love to know what you think.

Flash Fiction Friday #31 ~ Cold Turkey

Jonathan leaned over, swiped the head of the ciggy across the ground and popped a mint into his mouth. She didn’t like him smoking, but he couldn’t just quit the habit cold turkey without having her to replace it.

The sound of her heels clacking down the corridor reached his ears. She rounded the corner and stole his breath away. The white gown stood out in brilliant contrast against her umber tone and hugged her bold curves with perfection.

“What are you doing, Jon?”

“Waiting for you to take off that gown and sit on my face.”

She pursed her lips and flipped her hand dismissively. “Stop being silly. Put on your shoes and jacket and come on. We can’t get started without you.”

The words, fuck me now, or I don’t do this, sat on the edge of his tongue, but he couldn’t do that to her. Not on her wedding day. He loved her too much.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

To check out the image that inspired this post, drop by my Tumblr account.