Day 10 of the Ten authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales blog tour

It the final day of the Ten authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales blog tour!

On Twitter today, Angel Martinez will be dropping quotes from her novel, Diego.

Guest appearing on James Lewis’ blog today is Missy Lyons.

Meet one of the characters from Dee Shores’ novel, The Finisher.

Doing youtube chat today is Laverne Thompson.


Day 9 of the Ten authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales blog tour

Dancing our way to Day 9 of the Ten authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales blog tour!

On Twitter today, yours truly, Yvonne Nicolas will be leaving some saucy quotes from my novel, Black Rayne Silent Screams.

Guest appearing on Maggie Berkley’s blog today is Franny Armstrong.

Renee Michaels will be featuring one of the characters from her bestselling novel, A Wild Ride to Paradise.

Doing youtube chat today is Kristy Denice Bock.


Day 8 of the Ten authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales blog tour

Fabulously moving on to Day 8 of the Ten authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales blog tour!

On Twitter today, James Lewis will be dropping us with quotes from his novel, SellOut.

Guest appearing on Missy Lyons’ blog today is Dee Shores.

Laverne Thompson will be featuring one of the characters from her bestselling novel, Chances Are.

Doing youtube chat today is, Angel Martinez.


Day 7 of the Ten authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales blog tour!

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On Twitter today, Maggie Berkley will be entertaining us with quotes from her novel, Enter the Night. Join her.

Guest appearing on Franny Armstrong’s blog today is my pal Renee Michaels.

Kristy Denice Bock will be featuring one of the characters from her bestselling novel, Divine Intervention.

Doing youtube chat today is yours truly, Yvonne Nicolas. Come through and show ya girl some love.

Introducing the lovely Maggie Berkley…

Hello, my friends, glad you could make it. Give a warm welcome to Maggie Berkley. Take it away, darling…

10 Things I Hate About You.

I watched that movie the other day and as always I cried during the part when Julia Stiles’s character Kat read her poem in class, declaring why she hates Heath Ledger’s character Patrick. It reminded me so much why I hate love stories, hate the idea of romance and hate falling in love for it invites another person into your emotions and gives them the ability to see your vulnerabilities. No body enjoys the idea of another person having that type of control over them, especially not me. Maybe that’s why it took so long before I admitted to myself that I loved my husband.

You see my love story is a bit different. I grew up the oldest child in a military family. My family constantly moved so the idea of having life long friends was a vague notion. The longest I ever lived somewhere was four years, the shortest, one. If friends were hard to get close to imagine how it would be to have a boyfriend. Me being sensible, I skipped that process completely and avoided boys with a passion. As far as I was concerned boys were the numbnut idiots that teased me all throughout grade school and I wasn’t about to explore the world of first loves with them. Beat them up, was my chant and I was fairly good at putting the fear of me into them. (ask the High School jock who was dumb enough to ask me out while I was right in the middle of reading a good book)

Well, years passed and I’m finally on my own. At this point of my life I’ve had men (not boys) show interest in me and now I’m facing the aggressive nature of males on the prowl. Okay, so yes, they had nice packages on the outside but I wasn’t about to get to know the inside. I’d seen the talk shows and movies of the week. Men cheating on women, men beating on women, men being a general nuisance in my book. I was so anti-male that I was nicknamed the Ice Bitch by some, Amazon by others. Once a guy took an attraction to me, once his eyes drifted down to my chest or him telling me how nice I looked (man speak for I want to see you naked) I lashed out at him with all the venom I had stored. I saw myself as the voice of a time…women unite and lets kick male butt!

Well, imagine my surprise when I met a man (a friend of a friend) who was known to be a woman-hater. Oh joy, for I found someone to bash heads against. He thought all women were bon bon eating, gaggling bitches. All high and snooty, worth nothing beyond their made-up faces and manicures (I, btw, was a tomboy. Couldn’t put me in a proper dress for nothing and my nails were bitten to the quick). Needless to say a war began, though on all accounts a friendly one. We each had to one up the other. I knew I was safe in my iron chasity belt and had the strength of my will behind me. He was one of those manipulators who found the weakness of the woman psyche and exploited it. Oh yes, this was too good to be true.

We became roommates and actually managed to commune without killing each other though we clashed over bathroom hygentics (I was the sloppy one, he the neat freak). Then one day a friend of mine asked me to move to another city with her and I jumped at it. Life was good at my new apartment with my new roommate. Life with the woman-hater was forgotten and I went on to terrorizing new men who stepped into my path. I was on a roll. Now twenty years old and I could look a stranger in the eye on a dark night and have him step aside to let me pass. But the strangest thing started happening. I started getting love poems in the mail from my woman-hating ex-roommate. Oh, why me?

At first it was annoying (my new roommate really didn’t like him very much) then it became funny  but suddenly, after he started visiting me (one time after I hadn’t seen him for a while he showed up in shorts and a V neck looking OMG fine) I realized, hey…something’s wrong. Something was changing in me and I didn’t like it. It was scary and dangerous and oh so confusing. The more we visited each other, the more I started missing him when he was gone, until one day he told me on the phone he loved me and was going to somehow win my heart. I scoffed at that. I was going to be no man’s weak kneed chickidee. My job in life was to put men in their place, groveling in the mud they crawled out of. But inside, my belly started doing strange things, butterflies kept getting trapped there and my heart would race. This was wrong and the more my body reacted to his presence the more I fought. After all, I’d seen the statistics and I refused to become one of them. So I put on my armor with the spikes and picked up my mace for a fight. Unfortunate for me, he had allies…my mom and grandma.

Argh! He spoke to them, convincing them he was the perfect one for me and my mom, bless her heart, the traitor she is, helped him move to my new city in the quest for him to woo me. Yes, the woman-hater was actively pursuing moi. I flinched when I heard that and no matter how loud I complained or stomped my feet and refused to talk to him he was there.

Months passed and my will started breaking down. Though my mind was strong, my body was weak and needless to say, nature took its course. Every night when we went to bed he’d tell me he loved me, and every night I’d respond with ‘that’s nice’. Some of those nights he’d ask me to marry him but all I could think of doing was rolling over and pretend to not have heard him. Then D-day happened. My mom discovered I was sleeping with him. Being the old fashion woman she was (and looking back I can’t help but wonder if this was a set up) she arrived on the doorstep. Marry him or never see him again, that was her demand. I was conflicted. I didn’t want to be married, to be vulnerable to a man. Let’s face it, sex is but sex when you don’t put your heart into it, but looking over at him I realized I didn’t want to never see him again. My insides stared acting funny again.

The shotgun was at my back. Be a good girl and listen to my mom or…ah, who was I kidding (even these days mom and dad still put a bit of fear in me, the fear of disappointing them). We set a wedding date right then and I could actually hear the jail door slam shut. I was trapped. I was numb. And I was scared. Everything thing else went by in a blur, I remember a bit of the wedding (very very small) and crying (whether in happiness or helplessness I don’t know) and I remember him telling me he loved me and me saying ‘that’s nice’. It wasn’t until almost a year later that I actually told him I loved him for the first time. Throughout that he was always kind and patient with me, never demanding, never condescending. Slowly over time I’ve allowed myself to open up and give him a glimpse of my true self, of my fears and my hopes and you know what?

I know he loves me, that he’ll never betray me. That he will stick by me for better or for worse till death do us part. I took a chance and it was worth it. Although at times he makes me cry, even more he makes me laugh. That is while I hate love stories and why I can’t resist reading one.

This December we will have been married for twenty years.

                                                       Maggie Berkley




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Ten Authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales (Day 2)

          Hello world! This is day 2 of our blog tour. Thanks to all of you who came by Kristy Bocks blog to show me support. I love you guys!

          Today check out Laverne Thompson on twitter as she drops entertaining quotes from her novel, Living on the Edge. Check out the cover. My boy Jimmy Thomas is bad to the bone!

          Next, drop by Angel Martinez’s blog spot. Today she’s featuring a blog on the sexy and talented James Lewis.

          Then, swing a right to Maggie Berkley’s spot to hang out with Morgan from Enter the Night.

          Come through and support these awesome authors!

Ten Authors, Ten Days, Ten Tales

Tomorrow it begins…

Ten fabulous authors have joined forces and set out on a ten-day adventure. This tour will be one to remember. Character appearances, awesome trailers, author blogs and last but not least, exciting novel quotes on twitter. Come on by and join in on the fun!

And here’s the line up…

Angel Martinez

Dee Shore

Franny Armstrong

James Lewis

Kristy Denice Bock

LaVerne Thompson

Maggie Berkley

Missy Lyons

Renee Michaels

And of course…dun, dun, dun…Yvonne Nicolas

On Facebook and twitter, I will be dropping links to my fellow authors’ blog spot so you can follow the tour. Fun times!

Holding back the Big “O”

This topic came up in one of the many magazines I read and I thought it’d be a good idea to do a blog about it. It’s a touchy subject, but hey, somebody has to talk about it.

My sexy one-minute man

Holding back the big “O” is apparently something a lot of guys suffer through. It’s the need to satisfy your partner before you hit the completion state. As we all know, sleep usually follows. While you’re snoring away in heavenly bliss, your partner is staring at you wondering what the eff happened.

Is that it?

Sometimes men go as far as to give excuses as to why they hit that big “O” so soon. C’mon ladies, you’ve heard it. “This has never happened to me before.” “You were so good, I couldn’t help myself.” And so one…

While it is truly flattering to hear this, we all know the truth. He’d get the same result if he plunged his penis into a bowl warm honey. Mm, honey…

Seriously, guys it’s okay! While you’re concerned about your stamina, we’re concerned about our bodies and whether you still find us attractive without our clothes on. You see, there’s inner pressure coming from both side.

In a magazine, a pretty funny and interesting list was made of several things men did to hold back against the wave of an oncoming orgasm. One said he hated the smell and taste of broccoli so he imagines someone’s shoving it down his throat.  That would probably do it. Another said he thought of his grandmother naked, which I assume would deflate said erection. You get no action with that thought.

I’ve heard from a few of my male friends that they pump one off before sex. I guess if he gets that first one out the way, he’s good to go. So now, we know what they’re doing when they excuse themselves to the bathroom.

Yeah, like we don’t excuses ourselves to the bathroom several times during the date just to check out our business

I say if you’re a one minute man, be the best one minute man you can be. Sixty seconds of perfection is better than nothing! There are other things you can do to make sure your partner is thoroughly satisfied. Also, there are things us women can do to make him last longer. However, this is not a sex education blog, so I won’t get into that. *giggle*

Honestly, I think we fret over nothing. I hear many women complaining about their men not lasting long enough, but at same time, there are women out there who complain about their men lasting too long. Yeah, that’s right! The one hour man. Sometimes when you ask for it, you get it.

It can either hurt so good, or it hurt soo bad.

“Girl, I still can’t walk right. I thought he’d never come,” said a friend of mine, after she left her one-minute man for a screw -you-all-night-or-until-you-beg-for-mercy man.  As I’ve said, you get what you ask for.