I found my spirit animal! #Retsuko #Aggretsuko #Netflix #anime

Retsuko is my spirit animal!

Many of you already know that I love anime! It’s the thing that keeps from killing people on a regular basis. So, when Netflix dropped Aggretsuko into my catalog as a recommended show to watch, I jumped all over it.

Aggretsuko is about a 25-year-old, socially awkward, red panda named Retsuko, who is insanely adorable and MAD AS ALL HELL. The series focuses on how she deals with everyday challenges in her life, like her annoying co-workers, her chauvinist boss, and her self-confidence.

What I enjoyed most about Retsuko was the way she coped with her stress. Death Metal, baby! At the end of a hard work day, she would head to the karaoke bar, quaff a large beer and then dive into some screaming death metal. My girl even kept a microphone in her bag for emergency death metal sessions. That’s boss-level swag right there!

I knew I would be entertained as soon as I pressed play on the first episode, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. I think the reason it appealed to me so much was because the character was relatable. On a daily basis, she was harassed by her manager and her boss who was a pig. No lie. He was literally misogynist pig! She did her best to cope with him. She even tried to appeal to his better nature, which only worsened the situation. Now in this day and age, with the Time’s Up movement afoot, women no longer have to put up with that kind of bullshit at the workplace. #GirlPower

That aside, it was interesting to see how she dealt with those uncomfortable situations.

Long story short, Retsuko made some friends in high places at her company who more or less took care of the pig for her. However, such as life, she still faces struggles.

Even if you’re not an anime fan, there is something in this series you can relate to. Give it a viewing! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re a chauvinist pig.

I give it:

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Netflix Adventures #NeoYokio Review

“While attempting to distance himself from his demon-slaying past, Kaz Kaan, a wealthy magistocrat, is forced to question everything he knows about Neo Yokio.”

Let’s talk about Neo Yokio, the American-made Japanese series on Netflix.

I admit it; I saw the preview and I was instantly sold on this show. I knew I would love it! How could I not? Not only did it have an anime vibe to it (You guys know I love anime), and a supernatural flair in the storyline (Hello, paranormal romance writer here!), it starred a person of color (Boom, baby!).

Win—win, right? *deep sigh* Wrong. Oh so wrong.

There were some positive components in the show, but they were overshadowed by the not so engaging storyline and stilted voice-acting by the lead actor. I forced myself through the 6 pilot episodes because I got this thing about completing something I start. It wasn’t horrible, it was just difficult to finish.

I will say that I appreciate what the writers tried to accomplish with this series. Deliver something new and fresh. Granted, the story was indeed new and fresh, it was just poorly executed. And that’s just my anime-loving opinion on that.

I must say the art was nice, bubbly and fun. Some of the characters even made those goofy expressions you sometimes see in anime. Many people in the FB comic groups complained about the art style, but I think the style went well with the theme of the show.

Jaden Smith portrayed Kaz Kaan, an aristocrat demon slayer. I love Jaden, I really do, but he may have to take an “L” for this one. His voice acting was detached, lacking that special pizzazz that would make him desirable to listen to. Perhaps, that’s how it came off because the character is pretty monotone and removed from emotion, unless the situation involved his ex-girlfriend. I’m sure he’ll get better with more practice.

Jude Law, Susan Sarandon and Steve Buscemi did great as their characters! I expected nothing less from them.

But the shining light for me, and quite possibly the reason I kept watching, was Arcangelo Corelli. He was one of the comic reliefs as well as the antagonist. That being said, he was the jewel of the show, which is unfortunate for Jaden, because his character was supposed to be the star.

I also enjoyed Kaz’s friends whenever they were on screen. They were amusing.

What really bothered me about this show was the lack of representation of women of color. We simply didn’t exist in the high society created on the show, unless we were cronies to an uppity white girl or a masked performer who received no less than 5 seconds of screen time. Ah, I forgot to mention the episode when Kaz’s best friend jumped into a pool full of cursed water and was turned into a woman for the day. I guess we can count that as a WOC sighting. How disappointing. The main character is a person of color, but the writers couldn’t be bothered to give a woman of color a slot in the main cast.

Needless to say, if Neo Yokio gets a second season, I won’t be watching.

★★ out of 5 stars

This week’s #anime obsession is #PsychoPass, #animelover #FUNimation

When I started watching season 1 of Psycho Pass, I had no idea I would like this anime so much. It was addictive. I went from one episode to another, not wanting, but needing to know what happened next. A whole day hadn’t passed by before I moved onto season 2. Yeah, I am indeed obsessed… so obsessed, I’m thinking about writing a fan fiction. Me, writing a fan fiction… I know. It’s laughable, but I’m seriously considering it, hence how much I love the series.

PsychoPassThe in-depth storyline reminds me a lot of i-Robot and Demolition Man, with a little Judge Dredd thrown in the mix. Despite that, the concept is so unique.

The characters are easy to get attached to, specifically Kogami in my case. He’s a criminal enforcer with a dark past and wicked nature, but his devious mind leads the Sybil police force to solving many crimes and eliminating many killers. He has a calculating mindset, and he is extremely smart, much like his counterpart, Makishima, who was the charismatic villain in the story.

Tsunemori is a new recruit who gets pretty much thrown to the wolves on her first day of work. The storyline revolves around her. She comes in on the force as an innocent doe, but after a few field cases, and some pretty gruesome crime scenes, she toughens up and becomes a predator. But her wide-eyed experience on the force is not without tragedy and enlightenment.

Now, I usually don’t think much of the villains in these anime storylines, mostly ‘cause I’m too busy rooting for the good guy, but I enjoyed how raw and absolutely brilliant Makishima was. Every ruthless kill he made was to exploit the system, to show the public how imperfect and flawed the Sybil system was. And he did it very well. He found other people, with a serial killer mentality, and compelled them to basically kill for him. But that’s not to say he didn’t get his hands dirty. He was pretty skilled with a switchblade, or whatever kind of blade it was. His ultimate scheme was to shut the Sybil system down, but he had to be crafty with the way he went about it, since he was basically dealing with a super computer. There was something so intriguing about his character, though I haven’t figured out what that something is yet. *grin*

Nevertheless, this anime gets put at the top of my list as one of my favorites.

*As a side note, if you’re an anime fan, but you are faint of heart, this IS NOT the anime for you.*


Available to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Funimation