About Zion, the bad bitch from the novel, Raven’s Seduction!

I’ve received messages from readers who loved the character Zion from Raven’s Seduction, but they are bothered by her use of the N-word, not to mention her overall flamboyant demeanor. Instead of replying to each message individually, I decided to drop a post. I was supposed to write this post last week, but I’ve been knee-deep in my other projects. My paranormal world needs me! 

Nevertheless, here I go…

Like many of my characters, Zion was created from a person who is a real-life class act and a good friend of mine. I thought about toning her down for the sake of the faint-hearted. I’ve done it before. I admit that Zion was a bit much on the rough draft. But after mulling over it for a few days, I decided to let her be her true self and emerge from the pages as the bad, boss bitch that she is. Yes, she’s extremely outspoken, unfiltered, and vulgar at times. But she’s also compassionate and downright lovable. She was raised in an area where the n-word is often used as a term of endearment. Because of that, it became a word she uses in her everyday life. She uses it when she’s happy, sad, or pissed off. She even uses it when she’s confused. But that word does not define who she is. 

Personally, I can’t stand the word. It has no place in my world. However, in her world, it’s just another way of saying “dude”. 

Upon publishing Raven’s Seduction, I knew her character would cause a stir. That’s why I issued a warning on the buy page. I’m happy that so many readers related to her on a personal level, despite her verbiage. Many have asked for a story featuring her and Remi. *wicked grin* They are definitely spinning their own tale. We’ll see how it works out. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Prince of Death ~ Demetri #CharacterConfessions #ynwrites #ASMSG #AuthorGO

This confession is an oldie, but definitely a GOODIE! Nevertheless, it has earned its spot in the collection of character confessions.

Character Confessions_FB_yn (1)

From the comfort of my underground chambers, I feel daybreak slowly stretch across the region. I can only envision the sight and reminisce about what it’s like to watch the sun rise. Now, I’m ever so eager to see it fall, for that is when my day begins and yours end.

Fatigue weighs heavily on me as Lady Sun kisses the sky. The ingrained downfall of my nature makes me sluggish. Don’t think of this as a complaint. I’ve come to terms with the disadvantage of my extended curse…and gift.

Slumber calls to me, but I gave my word to a young author, one whom I had the pleasure of tasting last night.

Ahh, dear sweet, delicious, Yvonne…

I still see the astonishment on her face when I sailed through her window as a shadow on the wind. Imagine that. A creature she thought was a figment of her brilliant imagination actually exists. Correction, have existed, many, many centuries on this God forsaken planet.

Still, the tangy sweetness of her blood lingers on my tongue, reminding me of why I’m resisting the natural urge to sleep.

She willingly met her end of the bargain, and now I shall meet mine.

My name is Demetri Bithanos. Some know me by that name, but most know me as Death. Born in this world as a human Andausian and turned demon vampire, I am the slayer of this realm. Demon blood stains my blade and evil mortals whet my appetite. Death is a part of me and is my sole purpose here on earth.

This will not be a story of my past or a revelation of how I became an immortal nightwalker. It’s pointless to discuss this with you all when you are nothing more than a means to satisfy my dark desire. You don’t need to know me. You just need to fear me.

You see, I know your darkest secrets. I know the wicked thoughts and desires that caress the walls of your mind. The sheer fibers of your sins compel me to come to you and claim what you have taken for granted. Your precious life.

Forget what you think you know of my kind. I don’t fear crosses or garlic, and I don’t need an invitation to enter your domain.

I come and take as I please.

Does that arouse you? Your heartbeat quickens with my words. Your blood runs hot with fear. Ah, yes. You know I will come for you. Tonight, tomorrow perhaps? I should enlighten you, but I will not.

Continue to wonder. Continue to dream.

When you close your eyes, you’ll see me as the whisper of a shadow, taunting you, ravishing your mind. Then when you open your eyes, I’ll be there, watching you, wanting you.

It is futile to resist. Don’t run. I will catch you. Don’t hide. I will find you. Don’t scream, I will… On second thought, I would like it very much if you’d scream for me. Struggle if you’d like. It makes the draw of your blood that much sweeter.

I don’t want to hear about your regrets or the things left undone during your sad, misbegotten life. It doesn’t concern me. Beg for your life if you must, but know it will do you no good. The moment I became aware of you, your life was over, mine to claim.

Don’t bother to repent to me. I am not your priest. In this still moment in time, I am simply your lover in death.

You know this now when you look into my eyes and your life flashes before them. Surrender to me. There is nothing you can do, nothing you can say to change my intent. You belong to me now.

You’ll be pleased to know that my methods of taking life are not always so brutal and monstrous as you may think. How I ravage your body and soul is entirely up to you. Tell me, how do you want to die? Caught up in utter bliss?

I can be gentle if you’d like. Would you want me to touch you there? Would you want me to bite you here? Lick your gushing wound? Fill your aching core? Would you…?

Do my questions confuse you? Do my actions confound your mind? I sense that it does, for I smell the arousal of your body stirring all around me. It dances and weaves with the distressing emotion you feel right now.

Are you shivering? Let me hold you.

Do not fret, this will not end quickly. I am a slow and explorative lover. I’ll be sure to tantalize your every fantasy and taste every inch of your flesh before you take your final shuddering breath, my sweet lover in death.

Whisper my name as I lap at the quivering veins on your inner thighs. The vessels throb and bulge beneath my tongue, begging to be pierced. I indulge. Do you feel my fangs slide into your flesh? The strings of my dark rapture scatter throughout your entire body? Isn’t it insanely blissful? Do you want more?

Don’t hold back. Let it go.

As waves of ecstasy storms through you, your heartbeat slows. Between soft butterfly kisses, I leave a stamp of my passion up the center of your body. Yes… Can you feel me, beautiful one? Can you feel your life slipping away?

I lock my lips over your jugular and slide between your inviting thighs. I drank deeply, slowly, ravenously, taking in the very essence of you.

Your flesh grows cold. Your breathing is shallow then finally your heart stops.

A beautiful death for you. Wouldn’t you be so fortunate to die in my embrace.

~ Demetri Bithanos, Prince of Death (the Dragon Queen Series)

Author Yvonne Nicolas © 2017  |  All Rights Reserved

The Dragon Queen Series


Thanks for reading!

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Hello, my lovelies!

The talented author Vivi Dumas selected me to participate in the Next Big thing “blog hop”, along with 3 other authors. Because I like her so much, I accepted.

I was given 10 questions to answer about my current WIP.

So here we go!

What is the working title of your book?

Scattered Flames ~ Book 3 of the Dragon Queen series

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I read a lot of stories in urban fantasy and horror, which happens to be my favorite genres. The premise for The Dragon Queen Series came to me while I was listening to the complaints in a readers group. This was when I was a serial reader, before I dived headfirst into a writing career. The complaint from the fellow readers was that they found it difficult to relate to the characters in the popular books we read. My goal was to answer the reader’s call, to make a great story with characters relatable to people from different backgrounds.

What started as a short story blossomed into a series. And in the fantasy world created in my mind, it’s still going.

What genre does your book fall under?

Given the dynamics of the storyline, it falls under different genres. Gothic horror, urban fantasy and interracial paranormal romance.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

I love this question, because when I’m creating the characters I imagine a certain actors portraying them on the big screen. For those of you who have read the books in the series so far, if you have better actors or actresses in mind to portray the main characters, I’d love to see who you choose.

Demetri Bithanos, the hero of the series is a debonair beauty and merciless killer. I was bouncing back and forth between Ben Barnes and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but I think Ben would be a better choice. After seeing him pull off the role as Dorian Grey with such finesse, I was in love. Put some contacts on him and he’s my Demetri.

Sharayna “Rayne” Piers, the heroine of the series is sweet, funny, gorgeous and a little bit hood. An actress who would do her character justice is Keke Palmer. I think she would excel at bringing out the two sides of Rayne. Besides that, she’s a great singer! Rayne’s a songtress as well, so that’s a plus for the role.

Now who would be a great actor to play Demetri’s hot, ill-mannered older brother, Maurisio Bithanos? I’m leaning towards Stephen Amell from the show “Arrow”. Maurisio is rich and a bit cocky, not to mention the alpha wolf of one of the biggest shifter clans in the world. Oh yeah, Stephen can definitely nail that role.

When I created Priestess Katsumi, the soul of Demetri’s katana, I had only one actress in mind. Michelle Yeoh! The character Katsumi is a symbol of power and elegance. In my opinion, Michelle is the embodiment of that. She is so refined and beautiful―a perfect candidate for the role of Katsumi.

I would list the rest of the characters and the actors/actresses who would be a great fit, but being that the Dragon Queen Series has a large cast, that would make this post very long. 🙂 I will, however, post a blog dedicated to the characters at the beginning of the year.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?

Live in the shadow of darkness or die within the flames of Heaven.

Will your book be self published or represented by an agency/publisher?

I’ll let you know next year. 😉

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

A few months. It would’ve been less but I’m easily distracted. LOL!

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Some of the readers compare it to the Vampire Huntress Legend by the dearly missed L.A. Banks, which is a huge honor. I didn’t believe them until I started reading her books. Wow, that is a kickass series! I can only hope to be as good as Mrs. Banks one day.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

I think I answered that on the second question. One of my long drawn out answers. *grin*

What else about your book might interest the reader?

There’s plenty of sex, death, violence and romance. Such a twisted combination, but a great read all the same. ^_^

Here are the four lovely ladies I invited to next week’s installment of the Next Big Thing blog hop. They will post their questions and answers on the 12th of December. Be sure to visit their blog spots!

KR Bankston

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