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christmasdelights333x500“Believe it or not, I used to love Christmas. It was my favorite holiday.” Tranell paused to find the right words. “It kinda lost its zing in my life, ya know. I mean, as far as family goes and exchanging gifts, yeah, that’s great stuff, but without a lover to share it with, it just becomes another day.”

“Another day?” Squeezing her hand, Stephan caressed her inner forearm with his fingertips. “You look detached, not in tune with life and what it offers. When I came in and notice you, I watch you for long time.” He fiddled with the platinum ring on her forefinger. “Everyone around you smile, laugh…feel love and joy…except you.”

“Ha. You think this is bad? You should see me on Valentine’s Day.”

She tried to make light of the situation but failed miserably. The discomforting sting of his earlier observation took the wind right out of her sails. Was her demeanor that bad or her mental grief that obvious?

“Not like I wanna feel this way.”

“I want to ask you…what makes Tranell happy?”

“Puppies, rainbows, unicorns, the smell of roses…” she answered, finding his question endearing. “And, sitting here talking to you.”

His cheeks flushed, and his smile widened. “Merci, I hope to make you happier. Life too short to live in shadow of sadness. Someone so lovely…you shouldn’t be alone. This be our night. It be very special. I make sure of it.”

Our night?” Giving him an impish glint, she snickered. “You are super charming but presumptuous as well. I never said I was going to spend the night with you.”

Oui, you did, just not with your mouth.”

Stephan picked up his glass of wine, turned it up to his lips, and consumed it like he was chugging a beer. He released her hand and repositioned himself in the seat next to her. He then bent down, reached one arm across her lap, and took hold of the seat. The legs of the chair grunted over the wood flooring as he dragged her closer to him.

She latched onto the edge of the table. “What are you doing?”

“What it look like I’m doing?” Once he had eliminated all the space between them, his heated palm rested on the knee of her crossed leg, and his lips brushed over the shell of her ear. “I want to make you smile, Tranell.”

Her pulse quickened, the muscles in her thighs tightened, and her eyes briefly fluttered shut. “Damn boy, you are too bold for your own good.” A little voice in her head was telling her to pump the brakes and move away, but her body wouldn’t budge. “So I guess we’re past flirting, huh?”

“Come home with me,” he whispered.

Hesitantly, she turned to look into those hypnotizing eyes. “You expect me to believe you don’t have a woman at home waiting for you on Christmas Eve?”


“Uh-huh, I don’t believe you.”

“I prove to you by taking you home. Please drink your wine.”

Determined to play hard to get, she clucked her tongue and cocked her head. “Why? So you can get me drunk and my decision making skills go out the window?”

“No.” He tapped the stem of the glass with his nail, smiling devilishly. “Drink to relax, so I can make you my lover.”

Author Yvonne Nicolas © 2016 |  All Rights Reserved


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A Steamy Holiday Read, CHRISTMAS DELIGHTS #ASMSG #DEC #Erotica #InterracialRomance

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M/M/F Interracial Romance

What would you do if you were offered a night of overwhelming passion by a beautiful stranger?



On Christmas Eve, Tranell Merdock finds herself in one of the most romantic countries in the world. Yet, she is stuck slaving over work. She steps away from her demanding job as a successful management consultant to seek a little respite at a local restaurant and draws the attention of Stephan, a very attractive Frenchman.

He lures her in with promises of a passionate rendezvous, but Stephan has a secret he neglects to tell her.

Will Tranell shy away from a night guaranteed to be filled with forbidden pleasures or allow Stephan to take her on a journey she will never forget?

Christmas Delights Excerpt ~ Surprise

“Stephan, you ass!” The man turned, giving them a full rear view of his muscular backside and sprinted around the corner. “Why the fuck didn’t you call and tell me you were bringing home company?” he yelled, poking his head around the wall.

“It is surprise.” Stephan stepped into the suite, attempting to pull her in with him. “Surprise!”

Tranell’s feet were literally rooted to the ground. Sure, she was tipsy, but what she just saw was not made up in her intoxicated mind. That man was butt-bootyass naked holding a Christmas, stocking-shaped cake over his lower region. And if she wasn’t mistaken ‘I Love You’ was scripted across the cake in gold icing.

“Tranell, come.”

“Is he the roommate? Why is he nekkid and…and why was he…” she stuttered on a shaky whisper.

“We are…ah…what is the word? Nudist?”

Hand on her hip, she served him a sidelong glare. “That’s bullshit.”

Shoulders jumping, he chuckled softly. “Oui, okay. Bullshit. I try and be funny.”

“Not funny, Stephan!” the naked man shouted from behind the wall.

“Stephan, be real with me, okay,” Tranell said in an undertone. “Is…is that man your lover?”

All amusement leaked from his sexy eyes. “Come in, and I explain.”

“No, uh-uh…”


Huffing out a deep breath, she allowed him to lure her into the apartment. God, she hoped this situation wasn’t what she thought it was―that the man who had wooed her body so skillfully wasn’t playing some kind of twisted game with her.

“Tranell, meet, Fernand. Fernand, this is new friend, Tranell.”

Fernand stumbled out, zipping up a pair of jeans that hung low on his lean hips.

She gulped back the saliva building in her throat and involuntarily swiped her tongue over her upper lip.

For lack of better words, Fernand was damn fine.

The contours and ridges in his torso were magnificent, sculpted to perfection, and muscled in all the right places. A shaggy mass of curly, raven hair sprang from his head and dangled over his brow, enhancing the extraordinary color in his irises, which were a striking crystal blue. In stature, he was a little bigger than Stephan, more muscular than him as well.

“Hi, Tranell. Pleasure to meet you.” Probing eyes roaming up and down her frame, Fernand offered his hand. “Sorry about greeting you in my birthday suit. I didn’t know Stephan was—sorry.” Fernand had a distinct French accent but clearly spoke English a lot better than Stephan did.

“It’s okay. It’s not every day I come to stranger’s house and meet his roommate in the nude.” She giggled nervously and shook his hand. “Though it was a treat to my womanly eyes, I have to be honest and say it was a little disconcerting ‘cause it sorta looked like you were naked for…Stephan.”

That traditional, tight-lipped smile slid across Fernand’s lips. His blue eyes narrowed and shot over in Stephan’s direction. After a few awkward seconds, he cleared his throat and headed for the kitchen. “Soo, you like coffee? I make great gourmet coffee. Come on, I’ll make you a cup.”

Aw hell, something is definitely a little shifty with these two.

But that didn’t stop her from following Fernand’s delicious booty. What could she say? Being in the company of two gorgeous men appealed to her lady needs, even though the little voice in her mind was screaming at her to get out while she could.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013