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Novel Snippet!

Scattered Flames ~ The Dragon Queen Series

The jeeps pulled up fast, with one leading the path. Each vehicle carried many muscle-bound shifters. The one in the passenger seat of the lead vehicle hopped off before the wheels came to complete stop.

He approached her, his gait long, his expression austere and solid. His powerful physique was padded in navy blue fatigues.

She’d never seen a shifter strapped so bloody tight, and with the latest artillery.

A large barreled pistol was harnessed to his muscled thigh. His right thigh carried a holster filled with sheathed daggers. Other pistols were holstered to various places on his body—chest, waist, and hips. Protruding at an angle from over his right shoulder was the ivory clad grip of a spear. From the glimpse of the handle alone, she could tell it wasn’t a design created in this realm.

Right away, she noticed his spot-on resemblance to that sexy demon vampire—Demetri. Only features to set him apart was his dusty light brown hair and eye color, which was a deep cerulean hue. Bright blue vapors, lighter than a normal shifter’s, sailed around his commanding form, trailing sterling streamers as they went. “Are you Sergeant Fiona ‘Copper’ Delany from Sector twelve?” His voice was surprisingly soft.

“Depends on who’s asking, Spear Master?”

“Commander Ronan Bithanos of the Chalvaiz Death Squad is asking,” he responded without missing a beat, his probing gaze unwavering.

“In that case, I guess I’m your solider.”

“Our grand alpha instructed me to pair you with a fellow soldier to drive the medical transport to the rendezvous point.”

Coming out of his mouth, it sounded more like she needed to be babysat. She clucked her tongue and scoffed, “Yes, per orders. However…” Her gaze roamed up and down his impressive frame. “When my captain informed me I’ll be riding with a fellow soldier, I didn’t expect some beefed up shifter.”

He cocked a single brow. “And I didn’t expect to be greeted by a mouthy redhead. So, I suppose we’ll both have to adjust to the unexpected.”

Yvonne Nicolas © 2017 │ All Right Reserved

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Novel Teaser 2 #ScatteredFlames #ASMSG #ComingSoon #TDQS #YNWrites

Novel Snippet!

Scattered Flames ~ The Dragon Queen Series

The downpour had let up some, but it continued to drizzle. Lazy clouds drifted across the sky, covering and uncovering the sun. They would be forced to rely on the leaves, along with the cloak she’d borrowed from the priestess for shade.

The mysterious magic weaver’s unexpected visit this morning invaded her thoughts. Like a divine dream, the sorceress appeared in her bedroom. She’d broken through the spiritual barrier cast around headquarters, without alerting any of her teammates. Even Cain, who slept soundly next to her, was unaware of the woman’s presence.

Havoc vividly remembered her appearance.

Dark amber dreads dangled past her waist and stormy brown eyes peered into her soul. “You’re going to need this if you expect to bring him back alive.” As the priestess stared down the barrel of Havoc’s double gauge pistol, she tossed the cloak onto her bed and bowed. “May the Gods be with you, young huntress.”

A moment after the priestess vanished, a penetrating pain brutally assaulted her. Her throat-searing scream followed. Havoc ran a hand over her chest, remembering the feeling of something alien being shoved into it. She’d never felt anything like it before.

Her teammates bombarded her with questions after the incident. How did you tell a pack of supernatural hunters that you had a blood connection to a vampire—namely the worse vampire of all—and that you had to bail out in the darkness of the morning to go to that particular vampire because he was in danger?

She couldn’t, so she didn’t.

Yvonne Nicolas © 2017 │ All Right Reserved

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dqbanner3Saturday Snippet!

Scattered Flames ~ The Dragon Queen Series


Lost in a sea of pleasure, Imrie cried out, never wanting the sensation to end. Whatever he desires of me, I will do it. She turned her head, allowing him to drink freely.

Ukemi appeared in the doorway.

Imrie went rigid.

Thankfully, the vision and blood lust had Lord Lucius distracted, or for lack of a better word, occupied. Had he seen Ukemi, he would’ve reacted.

“Ukemi, you shouldn’t be here! If he sees you…”

With her sweet face bunched in disappointment, she shook her head. “You’re no better than your husband. You sold your soul and body to the devil just to trap the dragon queen, and now he owns you.”

“No my dear girl, I sold my soul and body to the devil so you wouldn’t have to. Now please, return to your quarters before he senses you.”

Yvonne Nicolas © 2016 │ All Right Reserved


Release Announcement for SCARLET MOON #ParanormalRomance #UrbanFantasy #InterracialRomance

Happy Friday, my friends!

I hope you had a productive week and I hope you’re ready for an awesome weekend.

As promised, today I will announce the release, or should I say rerelease date for book 2 of The Dragon Queen Series, SCARLET MOON.

The release date is a week from today, Friday, August 23rd 2013! I am super excited. 😀

The saga continues…

ScarletMoon_ebook_final_2Sharayna “Rayne” Piers has been plunged into a world of darkness, and stripped of her humanity. Half angel and half demon vampire, she is the mythical Dragon Queen, a birthright she finds difficult to accept. She struggles with the dual side of her psyche of good and evil, while fighting the growing urge to sate her unnatural hunger for human blood.

Lucius, the powerful spawn of Satan has risen from hell and released his demons to scour the earthly realm in search of the Dragon Queen. He’s determined to claim her as his mate and use her blood to overthrow his father, so he can take command over the seven levels of hell.

As Rayne’s protector, Demetri Bithanos fights to prevent the master demon from claiming his Queen. As her consort, he struggles with his aching need to be loved by her. But the dark lust of her vampiric nature reaches for the creature who desires to use her blood to fulfill his evil ambitions.

Can Demetri destroy Lucius before Rayne embraces the dark forces growing within her?

And here is a sultry teaser for your reading pleasure…

Demetri slid a hand over the back of her thigh and along the cleft of her nether lips. A soft mewl seeped from her parted lips. Her bent leg climbed up the side of his torso, granting him better access. He delved between her moist folds and trailed along her valley, slowly, going back and forth, causing her hips to follow his motion. She was so deliciously wet. His fingers slid back up to her swelled bundle of nerves, where he caressed it in circular swirls. It quivered under his touch.

She began to pant. “God, baby, you know how to work me up so good.”

“Just keep in mind you worked me first.” He easily sunk his fingers into her moist well where he stirred her wetness.

She purred like a feline in heat.

“I can never resist your seduction, sweetheart. You have authority over my body, and it seems you enjoy taking advantage of it.”

The slight heave of her hips set the pace of his thrusting digits. As she stroked his cock in the steady rhythm, she shuddered and said in a raspy coo, “You like to play with me, don’t you? I’d rather you put your big juicy dick where your fingers are.”

“Impish little angel.” He fastened his lips over hers and kissed her deeply. Their tongues collided and danced as he swallowed her needy whimpers. “Don’t be so hasty.” He briefly caught the ring attached to her flirtatious tongue between his teeth. “Remember what happened the last time I entered you without preparing your body first.”

She rolled her thumb around his engorged crown in a teasing manner, causing his hips to buck forward. “But it hurt so damn good, big D.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

On the release day, find out how to win a FREE copy of Scarlet Moon for your kindle. 🙂

Winner of the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway!

Hey there, folks!

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy getting my SWAG ready for the DragonCon. 😀 I can’t wait to share the many pictures I will take during the convention with you guys. I hope to see many of you there.

Thank you to all the authors, bloggers and readers who participated and entered in the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway.

Now to announce the winner of my blog hop.

The lucky winner is…

Mrs. Wanda Dixon

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What’s happening later this week? A sneak preview of the cover for Scarlet Moon, the 2nd book in The Dragon Queen Series!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

I Will Love You For All Eternity #ASMSG #UrbanFantasy


“Open your mind. Allow me to sooth you to sleep. When you awake, I will be at your side. And then when you have an understanding of your existence, I will love you. I will love you easy, I will love you slow, and I will love you hard, for all eternity.” ~ Demetri Bithanos


Meet The Sultry and Dangerously Sexy Demetri-Bithanos from The Dragon Queen Series


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Journey Into The Shadows with Huntress Joan “Havoc” in the Tale of SHADOWS & DUST

I Spy ~ Week 3 #BookGiveaway

Sorry, folks!

I was supposed to post this earlier today, but things got crazy on my side. I’m working on something big. I would tell you what it is, but I’d rather leave it a mystery. 😉 For now.

Alrighty, now to announce the winner for week 2 of the ‘I Spy with my Dragon Eye’ giveaway contest. 😀

The winner is…

Jeannie Platt

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Third week winner will receive an autographed print copy of Silent Screams AND a Dragon Queen Series bookmark.

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The Winged Beauty (Part 1)

Since the 2nd installment in the Dragon Queen series, Black Rayne Scarlet Moon, will be dropping soon, I thought I’d give you a teaser from the first book from the series, BLACK RAYNE SILENT SCREAMS. (Available at Amazon)

Thanks for swinging by and enjoy!

The Winged Beauty (Part 1)

Calroada Island

Demon Realm

From afar, the sharp bray of a blade sliced through the air and seized the night. Followed by the howls of the fallen, a brush of wind wafted the foul scent of demon blood into her senses.

They were coming.

At the place where the ocean met the sandy beach, the full moon illuminated the calm open waters, giving the night a false sense of peace.

As the scent of her wounded lover assaulted her senses, Nikena gazed back along the path she’d traveled and bristled. Nothing but the cold darkness stared back at her.

“Please, be patient, my dear Kaishan,” she whispered in a mental message. “I will retrieve your soul from purgatory and we shall be as one again.”

Clutching the bundle close to her breasts, she turned back to the ocean and moved forward. A spellbinding voice sifted up from the watery plain in song and warmed her bare feet as she crossed. She came upon a large coral reef. It shimmered like the bright orb watching from above.

“Princess Narri,” she softly called.

The song stopped and the water rippled. A burst of wind washed over her, lifting her hair from her shoulders. A playful giggle echoed in the distance as the mystical creature’s head pop out of the water like a curious child.

Narri’s magical presence shifted the breeze and strained the placid ambience surrounding her. The water fairy swam toward her in flashing speed, and then her head disappeared beneath the small waves.

The flutter of Nikena’s gown and flow of her hair froze in mid motion. Time paused, then resumed, bringing back the sound of the night. A pair of scaly hands reached out of the ocean and clamped onto the reef. The princess of Arna, the demon waters, emerged and rested her lamina coated frame on the limestone.

“Shame on you, milady, to make me wait so long to be blessed with your heavenly presence.” Extending her fin, Narri splashed her jestingly. “You should’ve told me you were coming. I would’ve prepared a meal.”

As always, Narri was a colorful dream. Magical hues of lavender and ocean blue scales stretched down her elongated aquatic tail, curves and torso. Small droplets of water seeped into the smooth, fawn shade of her full breasts, and made her appear as if the water hadn’t touched her at all. Bouncy aqua hair, which turned dark brown in the moonlight, dried instantly. Tiny iridescent sea creatures clung to her thick tresses, sparkling like gems.

“How thoughtful of you Narri, but unfortunately this visit is not for pleasure.”

“Aw,” Narri pouted, raking the tiny creature trinkets from her hair. “I was looking forward to splashing around with you again. I notice you are without your armor. Surely you can take one quick swim with me. It will ease your troubled mind, milady.”

Peering deep into Narri’s bright hazel eyes, Nikena gazed upon the image of herself in a sheer silver gown, which flowed gracefully against her mahogany skin.

“Just one little swim…” Narri’s words trailed off when a soft whimper came from the bundle held to her breasts. She gasped. “A child? You’ve brought a child with you?” Excited, she clapped her hands and flapped her fin. “Where did you get it from? Ooh, may I see?”

Nikena brushed the thin veil from the infant’s face and lowered her for Narri’s view.

“Oh my…” Narri scooted closer, nearly toppling off of the reef. “What a beauty.” Leaning in even closer, she inhaled the baby’s scent and stiffened. She swallowed hard and stared up at her wide-eyed. “Milady is this child the—”

“Yes,” Nikena replied.

“But, but you have—no, this is too soon,” Narri stammered, her eyes darting about nervously.

“No Narri. The time is now.”

“Oh no, that means the demons…” She tilted her head toward the dark forest. A storm of black clouded her irises. Her scales and fins turned a shade of onyx. “They are coming. Where is Lord Kaishan? Where are the dragons?” she asked, her mental words laced with panic.

Frowning, Nikena pressed her hand to her heart and looked away. The mention of her demon lover made her chest tighten. “My time is limited, my friend. I must pass a great responsibility onto you for the sake of God’s children.”

“What does milady command?”

The request sat on the edge of her tongue. She glanced down at her daughter’s beautiful face, so peaceful in deep slumber. There was so much at stake and to ask the lady of Arna to shed her scales and abandon her home, for the sacred love child nestled in her arms was too much to ask. But there was no one else she could trust.

“Milady, they are drawing near. Please tell me, what will you have me do?”

“Take my daughter from this place and protect her. These cursed demons are not to have her.”

An iridescent gleam glazed Narri’s eyes. “You trust me with such a precious being? I am honored. Where am I to take her, heavenly one?”

“Mayiki will open a portal for your escape. He awaits your arrival in Bahdea, the forest of enchantment.”

Swallowing back her emotions, she gazed at her lovely child once more, said a silent prayer then handed her to Narri. Sadness and grief weighed heavily on her heart as tears threatened to spill down her face. She took in a shaky breath and turned away.

Harboring howls of evil, a dark cloud moved across the bright moon, shading its radiant glow.  Nikena sought her spiritual energy for emotional balance.

“What will you do? Where will you go?”

A steady calm consumed her as the sounds of the approaching demons escalated. The heat of silver absorbed her irises and lightning cracked from the heavens. “I will do what I must.” She raised her hand and called out, “Arise Geantye!”

A bolt of lightning shot from the heavens and filled her hand with her war companion, Geantye, the double edged, spirit battle axe. His energy sparked and stirred, fusing with hers. Together they gleamed in raw power.

Ready for war, she squeezed his leather wrapped handle, and glanced at the silver-eyed creature staring at her through the reflection of the razor sharp blade. “I will distract them to give you time.” She turned to Narri and sprouted her wings.

Tears filled her friend’s eyes. “Milady, wait! Before you give into the call of the battle, please give me a name. Give me the name of your beautiful daughter.”

Nikena straightened her back and glared up into the wickedness that consumed the night sky. “Sharayna. My daughter’s name is Sharayna.”

The zephyr teased her feathers and with a powerful flap of her wings, she ascended from the watery plain and took to the air. The stirring wind engulfed her in a hot rush, fueling her energy.

Against her better judgment, she sucked in her dreariness and searched for one last look at her child, but Narri no longer occupied the reef. A smile of relief curved her lips. “Swim hard, my friend.”

“Where is she, Nikena?” hissed an entity, manifesting out of the blackness which coalesced before her.

He took shape as hundreds of blood thirsty chingi demons separated from the dark cloud. Combined with their foul stench, the sound of their leathery wings flapping in the wind surrounded her.

“You cannot keep her from—”

With the unseen swipe of her axe, she severed the ghastly creature’s head. “You dare to speak of my daughter, demon?”

“You will pay for that, wench!” shrieked another.

She flashed before him and claimed his head before he could strike. Their angry howls over their fallen comrades charged her intent.

She raised her battle axe to the sky, blazing hot silver. “Now, who else wants a taste of my blade?”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

To be continued next Sunday. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

The artwork featured in this piece was created by Kyle Chaney Jr. of Plan B Comics. That’s my boy!


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I had so much fun reading the answers to the Mistletoe Madness contest questions. They were brilliant destination and I would tag along with each and every one of you, whether you wanted me to or not, on your Christmas vacations. 🙂 Especially those who said the Bahamas and Disney. *grinning* C’mon, who doesn’t like Disney during Christmas? And the Bahamas? Heck yeah!

You guys rock! Thank you so much for participating!

Now to announce the winner…

Since the decision to choose a winner was too difficult, I wrote all names down on small strips of paper and placed them in Yankees hat. Yeah, that’s right. Yankees hat! I then tossed them around a little and let my son pull out a name.

And the name he chose was…

Drum roll please!


*Throwing confetti* Yyyeeeeyyyyy! Congratulations Denise. You’re a winner!!!

You will receive:

A signed print copy of Designing Love by yours truly

A signed print copy of A Wild Ride to Paradise by Renee Michaels

A signed ebook copy of Of Cheetah’s Blood by Charisma Knight

And a $15 Amazon Gift Card

Hold on, quiet down for a second. I’m not finished.

I have another son, and he was super jealous that his older brother got to choose a name and he didn’t. *snicker* So I tossed the names around again and let him choose.

This person will receive an ebook copy of Black Rayne Silent Screams, the first book of the Dragon Queen Series. 😀

The name he chose was…

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WhooHooo!!! *launching more confetti*

Way to go ladies!!! I hope you enjoy your gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!