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Today I have a new cover to share with you.


Cover Reveal ~ CRIMSON MEMORIES CrimsonMemories_ebook_Final

This cover was created by Karri Klawiter. ^_^

Crimson Memories is a dystopian retelling of the classic fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood. Only this tale is not for children. Step into a world shrouded in dragon flames, where the desire is as hot as the fire. 😉

(Paranormal Romance/ Steampunk)

“We are kindred spirits, forever bonded together by our desire to fight for the love we will never have.” ~ Petra

Argon Quinn, a prestigious dragon hunter, takes a short break from the battlefield to visit his grandfather Ian—a brave man who lost his leg to a blood-thirsty demon wolf many years ago. Because of this, Argon carries a deep and abiding hatred for all supernatural creatures.

His hatred has fueled his illustrious career as a captain with the Dark Hunters Legion. However, recent memories are testing his resolve.

As a young boy, Argon met a forest nymph named Petra. She left a lasting impression on his heart. Now years later, she is the elusive woman who haunts his dreams. He realizes she’s more than human, but what will he do when he finds out she’s the very thing he despises most?



Wicked #Fairytales: Crimson Memories by Yours Truly #Steampunk #InterracialRomance #asmsg

Happy Friday, fellow bloggers, authors and readers! I was so focused on introducing you to the authors who participated in the Fairytale Anthology that I forgot to introduce myself. LOL!

Here we go!

YvonneNicolas5Yvonne Nicolas  comes from a realm populated with fairies, unicorns and dragons.She has lived amongst the humans for over thirty years. And she now finds herself wondering, what the hell am I doing here?

*giggle* I know, I’m being silly. Cut me a break, okay, it’s Friday.

Most of you who follow my blog know who I am, the wacky chick from the south who takes nothing seriously, but if you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself…

One thing I can tell you about me is that I LOVE TO WRITE! I love to bring the readers into my dark, twisted world, and convince them that it’s paradise. 😉

I was born in Orlando, Florida and I have been an avid reader since fourteen years old. As a kid, I would sneak into my mother’s room to read her secret stash of erotic novels, and I fell in love with the genre. Some years later, I got into paranormal romance and horror. I became a fan of Anne Rice, Zane, Hideyuki Kikuchi and the late, great L.A. Banks. Afterwards, I decided to try my hand at the craft. I was delightfully surprised that I was blessed with the gift of writing. I now reside in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia (still a southern gal ^_^) and I’m excited to share my gift with readers like myself.

Check out my offering to the Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection—CRIMSON MEMORIES! This story straddles the line of Paranormal Romance and Steampunk, with a nice wet dose of erotica. 😉

Crimson Memories Blurb

Visiting his grandfather, a brave man who lost his leg to a demon wolf decades earlier, Argon Quinn has a deep and abiding hatred for supernatural creatures that has fueled his illustrious career as a warrior with the Dark Hunters Legion. While at home, Argon meets Petra, the woman of his dreams, but she is shrouded in secrets. He recognizes that she’s more than human, but what will he do when he realizes she’s the very thing he despises most? Wicked FairyTales

**A Wicked retelling of Red Riding Hood**

“Oh my gorgeous hunter, why do you tempt me with these forbidden desires?” ~ Petra

 Teasing Excerpt of Crimson Memories

Once she could no longer smell the scent of blood and mud on her skin, Petra stepped out of the tub and settled in next to him on the grassy pad. Raking her fingers through his hair, from root to tip, she listened to his soft, steady breathing. She studied the lines and masculine shape of his face. “You sweet human man…I adore you so.” For such a strong man, he had delicate features, which accommodated the beauty he displayed. She allowed her fingertips to glide over his neck, down the center of his muscled chest and taut abs, periodically fingering faint battle scars. She played along his waistline, then traveled beneath his trousers and traced the muscled V of his groin.

During her innocent exploration, his breath hitched. Next, his eyelids fluttered. Those shimmering green orbs stared upwards at the rocky ceiling, and then they slid in her direction. He slowly turned his head and rested his eyes on her.

Caught under his piercing gaze, she couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe.

“Petra?” He blinked a few times, and then suddenly reached out and grabbed her by the neck.

Startled, she screamed and tried to lunge to her feet.

He dragged her down onto her backside and smashed her against the grassy bed, straddling her. In attempt to fight against his brute force, she snarled and shoved at his shoulders. Pressing his hard body into hers, he caught her wrists in one mighty grip and fisted her hair with his free hand.

Petra went still, refusing to struggle further. In this form, she was easily subdued. Not that she couldn’t fight like this, but she didn’t want to. She liked being trapped beneath him, bounded into submission.

Emerald eyes, glowing in furious passion and lust, bored into hers. Neither one of them spoke, or looked away. There were so many questions blazing from his gaze, so much hurt, so many emotions. His lips quivered, as if he wanted to speak, but he didn’t utter a word.

She tilted her head back, baring her throat.

His hard glare softened. Pinning her wrists above her head, he leaned in and buried his face in the crook of her neck.

Her heart rate quickened, her breathing escalated.

His lips were warm on her flesh. He opened his mouth, grazed her with his teeth then swept his tongue over her throat.

A whispery moan escaped her.

His mouth moved up from her neck, to her chin, and finally to her lips. Her heart swelled as tears wet her lashes. This kiss was sweet, and needed. Oh, thank you Mother of earth for bringing him back to me… Fairytale FB Banner6



Wicked #Fairytales: NEVER NEVER by @LeanoreElliott #Anthology #EroticRomance #asmsg #smexy

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, folks! Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Leanore Elliott, Jane of all Trades! 😀

Leanore ElliotLeanore Elliott lives a life of many personalities. She’s an Author of 26 books. She works as a Pro Content Editor, Formatter, Book Trailer & Cover Artist. <– Like I said, Jane of all Trades 🙂

She does all of this because she loves books…She actually gets paid to read, portray and design them, who could ask for better?

She’s known as Wicked Leanore, or to her buds…just ‘Wicked’. She writes as the Wicked Muse and all of her multi genre stories are considered Hot to Melting.

Her fairy tale in the Anthology: Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection is a well-known one, but you won’t recognize it as your childhood tale now…

Angela Darling landed her dream job, but when she meets two hot, dynamic executives…Angela begins to realize she might have actually landed in a dream. Things are not what they appear to be, as magic and lust swirl around her. Leaving her dreary life behind, Angela gives herself up to the land of NEVER NEVER.

Wicked FairyTales

We shall fly away, so far, so fast.

To live as a child and make it last.

There’s a wind that blows and drifts out to the sea.

Meet me there, come and be fancy free.

I shall fly you away so far, so fast.

Come take my hand and you shall forget…forget the whims of your past.

Never Never Excerpt

This was it. What she always longed for—always dreamed of and believed with all her might that it was a thing she would never have. “I have always loved you, Peter—always.” She sniffled.

Looking relieved, he broke out into a huge grin. “So, can I?”

Not understanding the question, she batted her wet lashes at him. “Can you what?”

Rushing toward her, he enveloped her in his arms, tugging her tightly to his body. He slid his fingers down along her hip and in between her legs as he gathered her lace under wear and tugged them tightly, till they pulled at her clit button.

Feeling the sensuous tug, she gasped with pleasure.

“Boss you around like I own your body but I promise, I will treat it better than my own. Say yes and let me take you to the edge of a sexual heaven over and over till you lose your mind, do you with my tongue, my um—tool, my fingers until you cream for me, scream for me?”

Tinkerbelle stared at his now serious expression and stilled. With the loaded sexual question, her breath just literally left her body.

Leanore’s Amazon Page


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Wicked #Fairytales: CONTINUUM by @Sheri_Fredricks #Anthology #EroticRomance #asmsg #smexy

Happy Friday, fellow bloggers, authors and readers! Today, the wicked author spotlight is on my girl, Sheri Fredricks!

SheriFredricksAlways on the hunt for the uncommon things in life, award-winning author Sheri Fredricks thrives on creating adventures in her mythological kingdom.

A former engineering secretary, she lives on California’s beautiful central coast. “I wanted to move away from inflexible right angles and create an unboxed world with no boundaries.” A voracious reader since her early years, Sheri found her brain crowded with stories and characters of her own. “Ultimately,” she says, “my husband encouraged me to write them all down.”

Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award and Finalist in InD’Tale eMagazine’s Reward Of Novel Excellence award (RONE), she has numerous five star reviews everywhere ebooks are sold.

Sheri loves to spend time at home and connecting with readers. A computer hutch keeps her focused on creating stories, but the panoramic view of life on a ranch will call her outside to play in the sun.


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For your reading pleasure, take a peek at Continuum from the Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection

Continuum Blurb

Princess Tonya leads a lonely, isolated and painfully celibate existence. Tad, cursed into the form of a frog, isn’t faring any better. When the two cross paths, Tonya’s response to his sexy voice is incendiary. It’s also the key to breaking Tad’s curse in Continuum.

Wicked FairyTales

She had sexual fantasies….he’d deliver, or croak.

A Super-Hot Excerpt

Inside her mind, the scene played out.

Unable to take his position as an idle voyeur a moment longer, the prince drove his fingers inside of her. Harder, faster. As she had demonstrated for him, he slapped and rubbed her throbbing clit.

“I can’t last much longer.” Tonya wanted to come so badly but she held off, denying the ecstasy just out of reach.

His rough tongue pressed and slid, buffing her pussy to a lubricated shine. Each of his passes across her hot center went over, around…and inside. The more the prince sipped, the wetter she grew.

An inner coil grew tighter. Muscles tensed within, shooting a demand to race to the finish line where light met ecstasy and fulfillment awaited.

Tonya tilted her head back. The unforgiving rock beneath lay impervious to her scalp. She moaned, the sound torn from her depths, escaping from behind a wall of desire. Strong impulses directed her fingers as she plunged in and out of her wet heat.

“Come for me, Tonya. I want to watch as you let yourself go.”

The frog took up his singing, nearer this time, croaking in time to the urgent pace of her frantic hand.

She used her thumb to push on her clit—once, twice, three times—and rapture hit.

The power of her climax arched her off the rock. Fingers shoved in deep, stars burst behind her tightly closed eyes. “Oh, fuck yeah!”

Warm liquid coated her fingers and most of her hand. She spread the wealth over her creamed pussy. Tingles of aftershocks shook her clit from seventh heaven and beyond. To control the spasm, she pressed two shaky fingers and nearly came unglued all over again.

A frog’s deep voice croaked out from somewhere nearby. “Damn, princess. You just rocked my fucking world.”

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Wicked #Fairytales: BIG LOVE by @MissSeraphinaD #Anthology #EroticRomance #asmsg #smexy

I’m excited to introduce this author because she’s the mastermind behind this sexy Fairytale Anthology dedicated to women with curves. Welcome the lovely and talented Seraphina Donavan.

SeraphinaDSeraphina Donavan is a hopeless romantic with a wicked & oh-so-dirty mind! Those things, combined with her love of writing, prompted her to take the leap and transform those fantasies into written words on a page. As a curvy girl herself, Seraphina has made it a point to celebrate those women with delicious curves with her work through writing and the hot men who love them.

She currently has 18 published books and one anthology and is working on many more.

Living in Central Kentucky, Seraphina spends her time rescuing stray animals, working for a non-profit agency and dreaming of becoming a best-selling author. She lives in a home that has more character than working parts and enjoys spending time with her fur babies. Feel free to contact her with any questions or thoughts on your mind.. She loves connecting with her readers & hearing from anyone!

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Enjoy a wicked sexy excerpt of Big Love from the Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection

Big Love Blurb

Prudence knows the truth about her stepsister. Ella isn’t the victim; she’s just good at playing one. Working in a magic shop with the boozy fairy godmother that screwed up everyone’s life, Prudence gives chase to a young shoplifter and gets more than she bargained for. Tangled up in the Beanstalk and carried upward to the giant’s kingdom, she finds herself face to face with a handsome giant who happens to be King… and hot enough to make her knees go weak.

Wicked FairyTales

What do you get when you mix a boozy fairy godmother, an overly dramatic Cinderella, a not so wicked stepsister and a hot giant waiting at the top of the Beanstalk? You get Big Love.

Big Love Excerpt

Prudence gaped at the servant. She’d put on the dress, which cut to her navel, against her better judgment, but the rest of it—absolutely would not happen. “I am to do what?”

“His highness, Prince Reinhard, requests that you attend him at his bath…it is a great honor.”

It might have been more convincing if the woman hadn’t rolled her eyes when she said it. “No. Absolutely not. I will not. He might have dressed me like a strumpet, but that doesn’t make me one!”

In an about face manner, the servant dropped the act. “Honey, it’s like this. You’ve seen him. He’s a prince. He wants to get naked and wet while you rub your hands all over him…You really wanna argue about it?”

An ugly suspicion entered Prudence’s mind then. “Just how many women normally attend him at his bath?”

“None. He normally does it himself. So, what are you waiting for?”

An image of him popped into Prudence’s mind, all dark, swarthy skin and curling black hair, sitting on that throne in his leather breeches and doublet. He’d looked so good in those clothes, she’d wanted to lick every inch of him she could see. What would he look like out of them?

“Not to be inedible here, but he is a prince and you are staying in his castle. I wouldn’t piss him off.”

“I think you mean indelicate,” Prudence corrected.

“That’s what I said,” the woman insisted. “Now, get your rump across the hall and take care of that man! And if you’re a decent human being, you’ll tell us all about it later!”

Prudence didn’t even have time to register what was happening. One minute, she was standing in the luxurious chamber that she’d been given and the next, the woman was literally propelling her across the hall to the half open door of the prince’s chamber.

With one last, hard shove, the woman pushed Prudence fully into the room.

Scrambling, Prudence reached for the door handle, but stopped herself. It was too late to run. Turning back, she saw the Prince standing before the fireplace. He’d shed his doublet already.

Her mouth went dry. His back was to her and all she could see was tawny skin rippling over muscle. Then, he stretched. Muscles bunched and flexed, and parts of her went up in flames. Heat blossomed between her thighs so suddenly, so intensely, that she needed to squeeze her legs together not to whimper.

I will not be a slut. I will not be a slut. Oh, I want so badly to be a slut. Betrayed by her conscience which was as sex starved as the rest of her, Prudence moved into the room, knowing that she was about to do bad things.

The prince turned to her then, his hands poised at the laces of his breeches. They’d been loosened just enough, so she could see the thin line of hair on his stomach disappearing into the V of the leather before growing thicker.

“I am to attend your bath,” she said, hating that her voice quivered.

He said nothing, simply finished unlacing his breeches and let them drop.

Really, what else was there to say? What had been hiding inside those pants defied words. Even flaccid, his member was long and thick, resting against his thigh. Prudence couldn’t look away.

“Have you never seen a man without his clothes, Prudence?” he demanded.

Prudence didn’t answer. She couldn’t find her voice. She’d seen men naked, or so she thought. From that point forward, would she ever be able to look at any man and not remember the glory of a dark haired prince who wasn’t called a giant because of his height?


Pulling her gaze from his impressive manhood which was no longer entirely flaccid, Oh, sweet merciful Lord, Prudence forced herself to look into his jade green eyes. “Yes, your highness?” Fairytale FB Banner6




Wicked #Fairytales: CLEVER GIRL by @katebaumbooks #Anthology #EroticRomance #asmsg #smexy

Today my blog is dedicated to the brilliant, Kate Baum.

KateBaumKate Baum is a librarian that resides in the Hudson Valley of New York. She lives with her husband of 23 years and five children. Their busy household includes a dog and a cat that were both adopted by the local animal shelter. When she isn’t working, cooking, doing laundry, or taking care of the kids, she loves to write down her fantasies.

Kate authored the “Girl Series” in honor of the group of girlfriends that she grew up with. She wanted to bring back in her stories those memories of times where life was just beginning. That fragile area when you’re an adult but still had the freedom to dream because you knew you had time. When each one of us held the world in the palms of our hands. When you were able to pick yourself up, because you were young and you had a group of girlfriends to watch your back.

Friendship…Love…Risk…Strength…Men…The Girl Series

Kate welcomes feedback at

You can visit her on the web at

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Facebook Girl Series page at!/girlseriesbykatebaum

Twitter @katebaumbooks

Feast your eyes on a sexy excerpt of Clever Girl from the Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection

Clever Girl Blurb

Henrietta “Ettie” Stewart is a good not-so-little girl. She’s always done what everyone expected of her, including going off to the fat camp her parents think will whip her into shape and find her a man. Paradeisos, named after the Greek word for Paradise, isn’t your usual spa. It’s as much about transforming your inner self as your outer, and what Ettie’s inner self wants is the hot chef…Henry.

Wicked FairyTales

Take a peek at the wicked rendition of the Little Red Hen.

Teasing Excerpt

When I was with Alex, I worried when his hands started to take off my clothes that he would feel my rolls of fat. I remembered tensing up at that moment.

Henry had called me beautiful. While his hands stroked and explored, I heard his murmur of appreciation. He broke his mouth away and moved his hands to cup my face. “Ettie, I’ve dreamt of doing this to you.”

“So did I,” and then I giggled.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked while looking amused.

“I—I don’t know if I can tell you what I did when I dreamt of you.”

His eyes widened. “Did you touch yourself?”

I felt my face heat up. “Y—yes.” I glanced down.

“Ettie, look at me,” Henry commanded. “Did you get wet when you thought of me?”

I nodded.

Henry exhaled. “I had a feeling we had incredible chemistry.” He stood up. “Let’s go somewhere where we’ll be more comfortable.” Fairytale FB Banner6



Wicked #Fairytales: BUY ME A ROSE by Brandi Gillilan #Anthology #EroticRomance #asmsg #smexy

Good morning, my friends. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Today, the Wicked Author Spotlight light is on the talented author, Brandi Gillilan.

BrandiBrandi Gillilan is currently a student in college and along with her twin sister, raising their nephews. She has always enjoyed writing and has been for years. She spends her night writing and if she gets behind, her army of penguins and wolves takes her to task. Music is a big inspiration for her and she listens to it while writing to keep the flow going. She grew up a military brat, moving around a lot as a child but has never left the United States.


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For your reading pleasure, here is an excerpt of Buy Me A Rose from the Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection

Buy Me A Rose Blurb

Rose is a lady, the daughter of a Duke, but her first calling has always been that of a warrior. With her curvy body and devotion to her craft, she’s shocked when she’s called upon to fulfill a marriage contract with the royal family. Assuming Prince Nicolai would prefer her prettier sister, Rose is uncertain and mistrustful of his attraction to her, but that is not their only problem. A powerful witch has come to their kingdom, wreaking havoc and mayhem with her minions. Fighting side by side with her prince, Rose begins to realize her true worth.

Wicked FairyTales

A sexy retelling of the fairytale, Red Rose.

Rosy Excerpt

Rose let out a curse when an assailant’s sword swiped her arm.

This action of harm to his bride to be finally broke him from his enraptured stupor. Nicolai spurred his mount forward, drawing his sword in one smooth motion. Coming up behind the assailant, he felled him with a single swing of his blade. Jumping off his horse, he intended to make his way to Rose.

Nicolai drew several throwing daggers from his waist and threw them with ease at his opponents, the blades hitting true with several men. Hearing a grunt from behind him, Nicolai turned to see one of the bastards had gotten behind him and by the raised ax, hoped to kill him.

A large vine impaling him, stopped him cold.

Nicolai gave Rose a nod in thanks, then turned back into the fray of things. “Where are they coming from?” he yelled out as yet another fighter replaced the last.

“I was surprised by them,” Rose growled out through clenched teeth. “I was training when they appeared out of nowhere. I believe they ported in.”

“That is a very rare gift,” Nicolai shouted, blocking a sword with his own while using a throwing dagger to slit an opponent’s throat. “Rose, do you know a way to prevent the assailants from porting in?” He viciously kicked another assailant away as he took a slash to the arm. “Bastard!” he snarled.

“No…my magic does not work like that and I do not know any general spells for it,” Rose popped back, shooting an arrow into the eye of a warrior trying to attack Nicolai.

One of the assailants cackled at her, “Our mistress is very powerful. Right now, she’s testing you. You will feel her wrath soon enough.”

“I think you must be mistaken nave, it is you who is feeling our wrath,” Rose snarled and swung a vine whip, wrapping it around the man’s throat. “Who is your Mistress? Give me a name and I shall show mercy.”

The man chuckled darkly. “She who out shines any woman with her beauty. Her magic has no equal. My Mistress is my mercy. I will die by your hand or no hand at all.”

“So you wish, so it shall be.” Rose pulled tight on the whip, effectively ending the man’s life.

As if his death were a signal, the last living assailants ported out of the field. Fairytale FB Banner6