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Happy Friday, people!

Black Rayne 2

Remember this stunning image of Rayne, created by the amazing artist—Takeia Dunlop, who is now known as Takeia Marie? This image was drawn by Takeia, BUT colored by my awesome friend, Kyle “K-boogie” Chaney.

Impressed? His talent doesn’t stop here.

He created another version of Rayne from The Dragon Queen Series. This one literally blew my mind! And get this… he created it with color pencils.

This drawing was inspired by an image drawn by Paolo Pantalena.


This is Rayne in her full demonic form as the hybrid Dragon Queen.

As you can see, Kyle has an unbelievable talent, one that I’m sure I’ll continue to take advantage of. LOL!

Next week, I’ll post the progress photos, showing how he created this masterpiece, from beginning to finish.

The Dragon Queen Series

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I hope everyone has a great weekend. ^_^

Do you know TOM WOOD? #DragonCon2013 Part 1 #FantasyArt

I was supposed to write this post a week ago, but I’ve been recuperating from the amazing time I had at the DragonCon. You see, DragonCon to me and my family is like a trip to Disney for some people. The cosplay, the people, the pictures, the panels, the celebrities, the art, the fun, the fun… and THE FUN. Yes, we’re sci-fi and anime geeks, and proud of it. We’re already making plans for next year. I may be doing cosplay for DragonCon 2014. I found myself shopping for corsets the other day, so I think this is gonna really happen. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

Tom Wood and his zombie friends

Tom Wood and his zombie friends at DragonCon 2013

Now one of the highlights of the DragonCon was seeing my friend, Tom Wood. If you’re a fantasy art fan and you don’t know who he is, you’re missing out.

As many of you know, I’m a lover of dragons, and Tom has the unique gift of bringing dragons to life in his art work. So yeah, I’m in love with this man. And when you see his art, you’ll see why.

I showcased this piece on my fan page last year around October and it received a lot of feedback from the male species, which I totally expected. *giggle* This is one of my favorites, Hot Zombie. It can also be purchased as a sculpture.

Hot ZombieHot Zombie2

My pièce de résistance is the art piece titled “Unleashed”. The title alone has a lot of meaning to me. I will be purchasing both the art print and sculpture. Why I like it? It reminds me of the battle between Gandalf and Balrog. Yes, I know. Balrog was a giant fire demon, but in my demented mind, I replace all villains with dragons. *grin* Crazy, I know. That’s how much I love dragons.Unleashedunleashed_dragon_8395

I know you want to see more, so why don’t you swing on over to Tom Wood’s website and get captivated by his wonderful fantasy art. http://www.tomwoodfantasyart.com/

Thank you, Tom, for feeding my addiction. 😀

This is Tom’s daughter, Emily, aka Hit Girl. There were several Hit Girls at the DragonCon, but Emily was the best!


I have a ton of DragonCon pictures to share with you guys. There are so many I have to split them up into different posts. I can’t wait for you to see them. 😉