Shadows & Dust Available at Amazon #UrbanFantasy

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Shadows & Dust, a novella from The Dragon Queen Series, is now available at Amazon for your reading pleasure! 😀

ShadowsnDust_ebook_FinalWhen darkness falls, Vampire Huntress Joan “Havoc” Dawson and her team gears up and steps out to meet the evil as it threatens to spill onto the streets of mankind.

On the second anniversary of her sister’s death, Havoc finds herself lured into a rundown neighborhood by an unknown entity. She stumbles upon a dark secret, one that’s guaranteed to claim many innocent lives.

But in order to destroy the creature behind the madness, Havoc may have to surrender her soul to the darkness.

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Havoc pushed her goggles on top of her head and froze. Her senses buzzed. A feeling… Something from the depths of the neighborhood called to her soul. It summoned her without uttering a single word.

A dark energy, an immensely powerful force, surrounded her in the form of a black fog.

She took a few faltering steps back. She shuddered when it followed her. This foreign energy tugged at her Hunter’s instincts, lapped at her spiritual powers like a thirsty animal. Overwhelming to her senses, yet, almost orgasmic to her womanhood, the sensation left her trembling, eager to answer the call. Her lids fluttered as she sucked in a shaky breath.

Clutching at the lapels of her trench coat, she attempted to shake the powerful ripples soaring up and down her spine. Her breathing became laborious, her heartbeat quickened. Sharp vibrations spiraled down to her fingertips. She curled her hands into fists and tried to suppress the involuntary release of her ability. It took a few seconds for the feeling to subside. However, the frantic pounding beneath her chest remained.

Only one creature was brave enough to call out a top level Andausian Hunter to do battle. No doubt, a master vampire was in the midst.

A chuckle rose behind her smirking lips as excitement stormed through her. “Aren’t we mighty bold tonight. Took you long enough.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

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Joan “Havoc” Dawson drawn by Sean V. Harley

Review: Tale of the Dead Town by Hideyuki Kikuchi

VampireHunterDWhen a floating city becomes the target of a rash of vampire attacks, only one man can restore the oasis. “The City,” a tiny metropolis of a few hundred sheltered citizens floating serenely on a seemingly random course a few feet above the ground, has long been thought safe from the predation of marauding monsters. It seemed like a paradise. A paradise shattered when an invasion of apparent vampires threatens the small haven. While the Vampire Hunter known only as “D” struggles to exterminate the scourge, a former denizen of the city, the attractive Raleigh Knight, and the brash John M. Brassalli Pluto VIII seize control of the city lurching it onto a new and deadly course. D’s travails are just beginning.

**Warning! This review contains spoilers**

D finds himself on a drifting town where there is something sinister happening behind the scenes.

Mr. Kikuchi has taken me on a wild adventure with the dangerously beautiful Vampire Hunter D, yet again. This tale read as a mystery story to me. The characters were colorful, and in my case likable. Even D’s frenemies (friend-enemy) appealed to my better nature.

John M. Brasselli Pluto VIII was my favorite! I knew there was something off about this guy and that he meant harm to the hero of the story, but I still liked him. I think it was his outspoken, bold personality. For example, he outright told D that his appearance aroused him. Of course the way he said it had a vulgar ring to it. But it amused me. Mr. Pluto VIII had a special ability that even caught D by surprise. That surprise lasted all of a few seconds before D kicked his butt. *grin*

Dr. Tsurugi was the only character I didn’t quite get. He seemed incomplete. He was a mystery when the story started and just as much a mystery when the story ended. However, I did like the mention of the characters from the first book. Dear old Dr. Tsurugi fell in love Doris, but she didn’t return his sentiments. Why, you ask? She’s still in love D. Duh! That explains why the doctor detested D in the beginning, but by the end he realized why she loved him.

Okay, back to the story…

I think the dynamics of the storyline is what appealed to me more. Toward the end all kinds of surprises were brought about. Like the mayor being an android… Never saw that coming. But what was more interesting is his goal for the town, which of course ended in disaster. In some twisted way he had good intentions.

I can’t say this is one of my favorite tales from Mr. Kikuchi, but was an enjoyable read still the same. Looking forward to volume 5.

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