One of the Reasons I love Being an Author!

A reader just put a big clown grin on my face.

This is what she said about Silent Screams:

“I won this book in a contest by Yvonne. We’ll start with I work 80 hours a week and raise 3 kids, so it took me a few weeks to be able to read it fully. I just finished it about 2 minutes ago. There is a mix of cultures and ethnicities. Yvonne has a gift of making you hear every single one in your head. I could hear the street, the Spanish, the African- it made me clearly see the characters in my mind. I usually get my books on Kindle because they are cheaper, but the paperback copy of Shadows & Dust will be ordered on payday. I have to know what happens next!”

When I’m spinning tales, I try really hard to bring the reader into a world filled with the realest characters they will ever meet. And I am overly delighted when I get messages like this. If you don’t know my characters like you know your family at the end of the book, then I haven’t done my job.