Hey Readers! #ynwrites #amwriting #ASMSG

Hello, world!

There will be no Character Confession this week.

But never fear!

Chase is working on a confession for next week. He promised after Scorpion Tail finished their recording session this weekend, he’ll jump right on it.

He guarantees it’s gonna be hot!

I don’t know about you, but I believe him. 😉


Hey, Readers!

I’ve received your PMs on twitter and Facebook. I’ve even received the ones from my website. Due to my busy writing schedule, I may not answer right away, but I SEE YOU, and most importantly, I HEAR YOU. Thank you for taking the time to either tell me how much you love my work and my dirty imagination, or fuss at me about the next installation to THE DRAGON QUEEN SERIES. *smile* I got you. I promise. I know Scattered Flames is a long time coming, but I have faith that you’ll love the end result. Thank you for your patience.

*hugs and kisses*

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Special Delivery for Some Special Readers #ian1 #asmsg #readerappreciation


Yesterday, I received a special delivery. A box full of goodies for The Dragon Queen Series. I’m going to apply my John Hancock to every one of them, and a little something extra, then head to the post office with a smile. I’m excited because these books are going to some very special readers.

Takeisha Upshaw, Shirley Harris & Alexa Garcia

Thank you ladies for your patience and support. MUAH! ^_^

Hopefully before the end of this month Shifting Darkness—the 4th installment to the Dragon Queen Series will be available in print. 🙂

Stay tuned. 😉