My Little Ninja Has Chosen a Winner of the Trick or Treat Giveaway!

Happy Friday!

LittleNinjaIt’s an exciting day because I get to announce my house winner for the Trick or Treat Giveaway!

I must say I met some great people during this contest and I even got to chat with a few readers. That was the highlight of this contest for me. I wish I could choose you all to win, but my house mistress—Sam Cheever, told me I could only choose one.

I wrote the names of each contestant on strips of paper and put them all in a Trick or Treat bowl. After shuffling them up, I allowed my little ninja assassin to choose a name from the pile.

And the name he chose was…

Mrs. Laurie Peterson

*throwing confetti in the air* YEEEYYYYY!

Congratulations, Mrs. Peterson! I am super happy for you.

Now all you have to do is email me your winner’s choices, and your email addy.

You will receive Seducing the Jackal by Seressia Glass

You have the winner’s choice of Naughty Sins of a Saint, OR Addicted In Cold Blood by Tiana Laveen

AND you have the winner’s choice of Silent Screams, Shadows & Dust OR Scarlet Moon by yours truly, Yvonne Nicolas 😉

ALSO, you are in the running to win the grand prize basket, which is an assortment of:

  • 2 Kindle paperwhite readers!
  • Halloween t-shirts
  • A boxed e-set of Sam Cheever’s Halloween books
  • Halloween Decorations
  • Halloween Candy
  • A copy of The Late Great Show! from Gary K. Wolf
  • A signed copy of Settler’s Mine: The Rivals and other promo items from Mechele Armstrong
  • A bag full of autographed swag and a one of a kind bracelet/earring set from Wendi Zwaduk
  • Romance Books ‘4 Us tote and size XL tee
  • A necklace, bracelet and mug from M.L. Guida
  • Signed print copy of True Blue Love from Melissa Lopez
  • A signed copy of Silent Screams and Shadows & Dust from moi, Yvonne Nicolas 😀
  • Black leather mini note pad & pen set and promo items from Dena Garson
  • A necklace and earrings and a copy of Dogspell from Lizzie T. Leaf
  • A Tote Bag filled with swag, an XL t-shirt and two autographed books from

Congratulations again, Mrs. Peterson. It was a pleasure chatting with you.

You Could WIN Seducing the Jackal by @seressia at the Trick or Treat Halloween #Giveaway

What’s up, winners! I have another treat for you. 😉

Check out what you could win at the Sam Cheever’s Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway; the steamy paranormal romance by one of my favorite authors, Seressia Glass, Seducing the Jackal.

Seducing_the_Jackal_full-189x300The Sons of Anubis are jackal shapeshifters—they have a human form and a jackal form. Millennia ago, the god Anubis called jackals from the grasslands beyond the Great Western Desert and imbued them with his power, giving them the ability to assume human form and charging them to aid him in his duties as lord of the underworld.

Helping them do this were the Daughters of Isis. For thousands of years they worked together, lived together. Some even loved together. Then the witches betrayed the jackals, and an unending war thus began.

Get yourself a glass of cold water, because it’s about to get hawt.

Markus awoke to the best sensation a man could experience: a warm, wet mouth swallowing his cock. He fumbled for the lamp on the nightstand, tapped it on. “Tia, what are you doing?”

She rolled her eyes at him.

“I mean, I know what you’re doing, but why are you doing it?” Are you stupid, man? A beautiful woman is going down on you. Shut the hell up and enjoy it.

She pulled off him with a wet popping sound that was the most erotic thing he’d ever heard. “It was poking me in the back. Since it so obviously needed attention, I decided to give it some.”

“Blessed Anubis, woman.” His hips rose as she swallowed him again. Lust and magic increased, a heady combination he could easily grow addicted to. Probably already was. If this was what being enchanted by an Isis witch meant, he’d gladly surrender to it.

Sex for pleasure’s sake was foreign to him. Throughout the long years of their exile, the jackals’ intimate habits had been focused on survival, and survival meant building their numbers. Every sensual act with the opposite sex was considered a sacred and deliberate thing, always begun with a prayer to Anubis.

This was…freeing. Wildness rose in him, the primal call of male to female. Curling his fingers into the sheets, he gave himself over to sensation. When Tia’s fingers cupped his balls, he nearly whimpered but couldn’t keep silent when her tongue traced over his sac. Buffeted by the need raging through him, he groaned aloud, helpless against the sensual magic she wove.

All too soon he could feel it, the urge to come surging up from his toes. No, gods damn it! Not yet. “Tia.”

Relief and disappointment met as she pulled her sweet mouth away. “Yeah?”

He struggled for words as her fingers stroked him. “Condom. On me. Now.”

Her throaty chuckle almost undid him. She crawled to the head of the bed, dropping a searing kiss on him before reaching for one of the foil packets on the nightstand. Thank Isis she had a whole box of them in her go-bag.

She straddled his thighs, dark eyes fixed on him as she tore the pouch open with her teeth. Fingers wrapping around his cock, she stroked him, strong, steady pulls with a twist over the head just the way he liked it but made better by her touch, her magic. His cock swelled anew, hard for her, hungry for her.

“Ride me,” he demanded as she sheathed him. His fingers dug into her hips, muscles flexing as he lifted her. “Ride me.”

She reached between them to guide his hardness to her opening, dragging his sheathed cock along her slit to coat it in her wetness. Keeping her gaze locked to his, she sank down even as he thrust up, fusing them together.

She threw her head back on a groan, the dusky copper of her nipples capturing his gaze. “Gods, that feels incredible. I can barely breathe.” She squeezed him.

He let her go, digging his fingers into the sheets again in an effort to hold back, to wrestle for a shred of control. The fabric ripped as his nails elongated.

Her eyes rounded. “Are you shifting?”

“No.” He mangled the word, his sharpened teeth getting in the way.

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You Could WIN Naughty Sins of a Saint by @TianaLaveen at the Trick or Treat Halloween #Giveaway

Hey there, winners! I hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend so far.

Check out what you could win at the Sam Cheever Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway; the bestselling novel by the very talented Tiana Laveen, Naughty Sins of a Saint.

I don’t know about you, but that title alone speaks to me in naughty ways. 😉

Naughty SinsDr. Saint Aknaten is anything but ordinary. From his unique ethnic makeup, the product of a North Korean mother and Egyptian father, to his career as a sex therapist and public speaker, his life is filled with excitement, tragedy, oddities, and lust-filled company. He hails from New York City, but his influence doesn’t stop there. Saint is internationally known. Toggling between holistic ideologies and gritty X-rated teachings, he captures male audiences everywhere as he preaches his controversial, racially driven philosophy – that all non-Black men should pursue Black women. Regardless of his magnetic ability to attract droves of women wherever he steps foot, Saint is desperately on the hunt for just one whom he has pet-named his “goddess.” His search comes to an unanticipated end as he conducts an interview with the outspoken and beautiful radio personality, Xenia Donnellson, an air-waves sensation from Los Angeles. Making Xenia see things his way becomes a challenge that he is more than willing to accept. Xenia succumbs to the hypnotic charms of Saint’s addictive essence, but not without invisible nemeses hanging in the wind, waiting for a chance to strike. Saint will do anything and everything to protect his “queen” including confronting his suppressed fear that he possesses unwanted psychic abilities. Can Saint overcome all and finally obtain the peace he has long sought after? Only time will tell.

Xenia rolled her eyes. “That’s my other issue with you and this brief time together. You’re always on the freakin’ phone. You told me this weekend would be just you and me. You said I’d have this time to get to know you better, and we could do whatever I wanted. You’re too busy for a damn relationship! This is ludicrous. I know you’re busy, and hell, so am I, but…”

“Shhh!” Saint waved her off, looking perturbed, causing his thick, dark eyebrows to bunch up . “Hey, T-Rex, can you do me a favor? Where can I get a marriage certificate this time of night?”

“What the hell?” Xenia said as she stood up. Everyone turned around and looked at her. She smiled and waved as embarrassment spread across her face. “Just conducting an interview, everyone.” She sat back down and covered her face with her hand.

“OK, thanks. Meet me back at the hotel in twenty,” Saint said to T-Rex before putting his phone away and standing up. “Let’s go. ” Xenia stood up and followed him outside to the waiting car.

“Saint, we aren’t getting married. It’s bad enough that I agreed to a relationship with someone I barely know, but I’m doing it, and now you’ve gone and lost your mind again. Well, you can’t lose something that is already gone, but you get my point!” she snapped. Saint picked her up and put her in the car , slamming the door after he got in behind her.

“Yeah, Mason, take us back to the hotel please. I need to meet T -Rex there.” Saint pulled out his phone again, ignoring Xenia.

“Why isn’t T-Rex with you all the time? What’s the point of having a bodyguard when he’s asleep in a hotel room half the time? He has the easiest job ever,” Xenia gaffed.

“I don’t want him with me all the time, especially when I’m on a date. It’s not his doing, it’s my choice,” Saint said as he dialed another number. He held the phone to his ear as Xenia began a new line of complaints about his constant calling.

“Hey, Raphael, what are you doing?” he asked as he lie down across Xenia’s lap. His jet-black hair contrasted beautifully against her short white skirt. She looked down at him and became silent. The beauty of his flawless skin and masculinity temporarily quieted her as he held onto her knee cap . His long legs stretched across the seat. “Hey, I’m getting married tonight,” Saint said to Raphael.

“That’s interesting to hear,” Xenia interrupted, “because the person you’re supposedly marrying didn’t agree to it, nor was she asked!” Mason laughed but quickly caught himself. Saint continued to ignore her.

“Right, so remember that place we saw with the really nice rings , ‘Madison’s’ I believe it was called? I want to run by there again, but I want you to go with me. Oh, I don’t know, hold on.” Saint placed the phone away from his ear and looked at Xenia’s hands. “She looks about a size five. I know that you would’ve liked for me to get the rings from your place, but I’m in a hurry. Trust and believe, I’ll get the rest of her stuff from you. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s a size five.”

“You could just ask me! I’m sitting right here!” she yelled, pushing her knees up trying to get Saint off her lap. He tried everything in his power to keep from laughing, as he held onto her bucking legs. Mason finally pulled up to the hotel. Saint jumped out with Xenia quickly running behind him.

Saint took Xenia by the hand and stood with her by the hotel door. “Baby , I want to marry you . I know I didn’t ask you the traditional way, and I know this is going really fast. You can have your dream wedding later, I promise, but I want you to know that I’m coming back for you and that I’m serious. I’m so in love with you, Xenia. Will you marry me tonight – please?” Saint squeezed her hands together.

Xenia’s heart said ‘yes,’ but her mind said ‘Hell no. Dude is a hot mess.’ Her body said “Hell yes!”

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