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Yesterday, I was informed of some wonderful news!

The DRAGON QUEEN SERIES is nominated for a Reader’s Choice Award. Yey! I’m honored and extremely thrilled about this. The nomination alone makes me so happy. 🙂

Now this is the part where I beg for your votes. :p

The poll is open until September, so there is time. I would really appreciate a vote from you. It’s really easy. You don’t have to sign up for anything. Just click on the link and vote: http://www.swirlawards.com/p/best-series-poll_28.html  

 DQBanner1-NicoleLT2 (2)

Sharayna ‘Rayne’ Piers lives a life in the spotlight as one of the hottest singers around. Beneath her life of stardom a dark threat rises within her thoughts and an unnatural hunger seduces the very core of her. Visions of women getting brutally murdered by an unseen force tortures her mind. When women near her age begin to disappear all over the world, she realizes that her nightmares have somehow become reality. Her life takes an unexpected, but deliciously sexy turn when she is approached by the beautiful demon vampire, Demetri Bithanos. He awakens her dark side and gives her the only thing that will sate her deepest craving. Blood. But her moment of euphoria doesn’t last. The dark lord Lucius — the spawn of the devil — is after her sacred blood and he will do whatever it takes to get her.


Thank you for your support! ^_^

Winter Giveaway! Win New Release and Amazon Gift Card! #ASMSG #DEC #Vampires #ParanormalRomance

Happy Friday the 13th, people!

Today is the start of my Winter Giveaway! Yeeyyy!

I’m doing this Winter Giveaway to celebrate the release of the paranormal romance novel, SHIFTING DARKNESS, Book 2.5 — due to release December 20th 2013!

This is how it works. I’m going to post 5 questions pertaining to the Dragon Queen Series. The first 3 people to drop the correct answers in my FB inbox wins!

Before I post the questions, check out the goodies that could be yours.

The 1st person to answer correctly will win:

The 2nd person to answer correctly will win:

The 3rd person to answer correctly will win:

Now, let’s get this party started!

**If you know the answers to the questions, don’t post them here, drop a message into my FB fan page inbox and I will reply to let you know I received it. https://www.facebook.com/yvonnenicolasfanpage

  1. Where was Sharayna “Rayne” Piers born?

  2. What’s the name of Demetri’s sword?

  3. Demetri’s brother, Maurisio, is the head alpha of the Chalvaiz clan, which consists of many different animal shifters. What animal does he shift into?

  4. What are humans with supernatural abilities called?

  5. In Scarlet Moon, what are the names of the two priestesses who are appointed to follow the half-bred wizard, Vincent?

Now if you can’t answer them all, that’s okay, give a go anyway. I may take 4 out of 5. 😉 I will name the winners on Friday, December 20th.

Good luck!



SHIFTING DARKNESS Available on December 20th 2013



SILENT SCREAMS is nominated for the 2013 Book of the Year over at the Talent Cave Reviews! To say that I’m elated and honored is an understatement. 😀 If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time! http://thetalentcavereviews.weebly.com/

A Chance to Win A New Release and an Amazon Gift Card! Winter Giveaway. #ParanormalRomance #ASMSG #DEC

How’s the Arctic Blast treating you? We are cold and soiled in rain here in Georgia, but it’s absolutely freezing in some other places here in the US of A. I hope you all are keeping warm. 🙂

Around this time of the month I usually participate in a Holiday Giveaway Hop with fellow authors, but because I’ll be moving  during this month. As a result, I can’t offer my time to the hop like I’d like to.


That doesn’t mean I’m not going to give the readers a chance to win some free stuff! Come on, this is the month of giving. And on a side note, it’s also the month of my birthday. Hint-hint. 😉 It wouldn’t be complete unless I made someone smile.

ShiftingDarkness2As most of you already know, SHIFTING DARKNESS—an extended short story to the Dragon Queen Series, releases this month. Well now I have a date to announce.

Shifting Darkness will release on MY BIRTHDAY, which is the 26th of December. That’s right! Right after Christmas, baby! Woot-woot!


I’m going to have cake, ice cream and a ridiculous amount of booze. Won’t you come and celebrate my birthday with me. 😉

**Due to unforeseen circumstances, the release date has been moved to the 20th of December, Friday.**

Wait a minute, before that happens, let me fill you in on the giveaway.

On the 18th 13th of December, I will post 5 QUESTIONS pertaining to the Dragon Queen Series. If you’re familiar with the series these question should be super easy for you to answer. The first 3 readers who answer them correctly will be the winners! I will announce the winners on the 20th on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The 1st person to answer correctly will win:

  • An autographed print copy of Silent Screams (Book 1)
  • An autographed print copy of Shadows & Dust (Book 1.5)
  • An autographed print copy of Scarlet Moon (Book 2)
  • An Ebook copy of the my newest release Shifting Darkness (Book 2.5)
  • The Dragon Queen Series Book Cards
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card

The 2nd person to answer correctly will win:

  • An autographed print copy of Silent Screams (Book 1)
  • An autographed print copy of Scarlet Moon (Book 2)
  • An Ebook copy of the my newest release Shifting Darkness (Book 2.5)
  • The Dragon Queen Series Book Cards

The 3rd person to answer correctly will win:

  • An autographed print copy of Scarlet Moon (Book 2)
  • An Ebook copy of the my newest release Shifting Darkness (Book 2.5)
  • The Dragon Queen Series Book Cards

Now keep in mind this is not all of the prizes. I have some fabulous author friends who will most likely get in on this giveaway. So you could win much more than this!

I’ll keep you posted. 😉


SILENT SCREAMS is nominated for 2013 Book of the Year over at the Talent Cave Reviews! I still get a little teary-eyed when I think about it. *blush*

If you haven’t had a chance to vote yet, the polls are still open!

CLICK HERE LINK TO CAST YOUR VOTE >>> http://thetalentcavereviews.weebly.com/

Torn between the whispering darkness and the divine light, can she save mankind from the rise of evil?



I want to take a moment to pass some love to a wonderful actor who raced his way into my heart years ago. He was taken from this world way too soon. 😦 My heart is sad. I will be in tears as I make this a Fast & Furious weekend by watching all of the films in the Fast & Furious franchise. I hope you’ll join me.

Much Love! RIP Paul Walker

“If one day the speed kills me, don’t cry because I was smiling.” ~ Paul Walker


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SilentScreams2Earlier this week I was gifted with a glorious ★★★★★ review from Brandi at the Talent Cave Reviews for SILENT SCREAMS ~ the first book in Dragon Queen Series.

Thank you for the review, Brandi! I’m so glad you loved it. 😀

This morning I received an email from the Talent Cave Reviews stating that SILENT SCREAMS is nominated for book of the year. WOW! Book of the year? OMG!

That made me so very happy! Being nominated is an honor in itself.

Now I’m trying to win, baby!

Want to help me win?

If you haven’t already, please, please, PLEASE swing by and vote for Silent Screams! I will love you forever, my friends and fellow readers.

CLICK THIS LINK TO VOTE >>> http://thetalentcavereviews.weebly.com/

Find out what the all the buzz is about and get your first taste of The Dragon Queen Series.




Thank you and have a fabulous weekend!


My New Rose Collar for the #Dracula Premiere! #Vampires #BDSM #ASMSG #Erotica #FlashFiction

Happy Friday, my lovelies!

DraculaI have a special treat for you today. I’m not sure how many of you follow my posts on Facebook. If you do, you know for the last 3 weeks I’ve been posting about how super excited I am for the new Dracula series, more so since the devilishly sexy actor—Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be portraying our beloved Dracula.

Excuse me while I swoon…

My favorite vampire, Demetri Bithanos, wasn’t too happy to hear about my crush on the new age version of Dracula. Demetri is after all a very jealous demon vampire, though he likes to pretend he doesn’t care. To appease his undead manhood, I promised him the vampire king of all time would only occupy my time for an hour, every Friday. 😀

To celebrate the recreation of the classic monster, Dracula, I penned a flash tale, inspired by the image below.

I hope you enjoy it. 😉


My New Rose Collar

I’d been staring at the door for what seemed like hours. It hadn’t been very long since he left, but the need to see him again stretched the time and space between us. He was in my system. I could hardly think or breathe without him.

For the fifth time tonight, I approached the wall-length mirror to check my appearance.

I’d chosen the most lavish gown in my closet for this special night. The lace layered my curves like a second skin. It was sexy, yet tasteful, designed in colors that pleased him—red and black.

The door to the room opened and he appeared like a dark fantasy.

My heart fluttered, my body shuddered.

His sterling blue eyes gleamed like diamonds as he ambled into the room. “My, aren’t you radiant.” He eased in behind me and slipped an arm around my waist. His body fit flush against mine. The faint reflection of his beautiful pale face smiled at me through the mirror. “Up. You know I like your hair up.”

“I’m sorry.” I helplessly returned his ghostly smile. “Are you going to punish me now?”

The gown’s soft fabric crawled up my legs as he bunched it in his fist. “Would you like me to punish you?” He cupped my throbbing sex. A single finger speared between my moist folds and brushed over my clit.

My knees buckled. “Please do.”

He held me tighter. “Is it passion and pain you desire?”

“Yes,” I breathed out on a shaky sigh.

“Then I shall punish you severely when we return from the ball…” He pulled my mane back from over my shoulder and pressed his lips to my neck. “And fuck you to tears afterwards.” The gentle prick from his fangs sent a rush of ecstasy soaring through me. His moans mingled with mine as he swept his tongue over the puncture wounds he’d made. “I have something for you.” He presented a long black case on the palm of his hand.

I made no efforts to hide my excitement as I tore off the blood red ribbon and cracked the gift open. A new collar stood out on black velvet padding. Silk roses lined the leather band. In between each rose was a silver spike.

With this gift, he’d made it official. I was his human love slave. “It’s so beautiful.”

“As are you.” He retrieved it from the case and gently latched it around my neck. With a kiss to my cheek, he crooned, “Now, my pet, let’s go show the undead how stunning you are.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

Go ahead. Bare your neck, ladies. You know you want to. 😉

Get to know the dangerously sultry vampire, Demetri Bithanos from the Dragon Queen Series!


If you’re in the mood to win some great Halloween Reads, enter Sam Cheever’s Trick or Treat contest. It’s so easy to enter and even easier to win.

The giveaway is over on Halloween, so don’t miss out on your chance to win a massive amount of prizes and books, including the new Kindle Paperwhite Ereader!


“The prince of darkness is a gentleman.” ~ William Shakespeare

New Release: SCARLET MOON Book 2 #ParanormalRomance #IAN1 #InterracialRomance

Many of you know I’ve been anxiously waiting for this day. Well now, it’s finally here! And I’m uber excited!

I present to you SCARLET MOON, Book 2 of The Dragon Queen Series


When consumed by ecstasy under the blood moon, will Rayne surrender to her inner demon?

Sharayna “Rayne” Piers has been plunged into a world of darkness, and stripped of her humanity. Half angel and half demon vampire, she is the mythical Dragon Queen, a birthright she finds difficult to accept. She struggles with the dual side of her psyche of good and evil, while fighting the growing urge to sate her unnatural hunger for human blood.

Lucius, the powerful spawn of Satan has risen from hell and released his demons to scour the earthly realm in search of the Dragon Queen. He’s determined to claim her as his mate and use her blood to overthrow his father, so he can take command over the seven levels of hell.

As Rayne’s protector, Demetri Bithanos fights to prevent the master demon from claiming his Queen. As her consort, he struggles with his aching need to be loved by her. But the dark lust of her vampiric nature reaches for the creature who desires to use her blood to fulfill his evil ambitions.

Can Demetri destroy Lucius before Rayne embraces the dark forces growing within her?

Devil’s Seduction

Demetri released her and pulled back. “Sharayna, what are we doing?” Blue-green irises melted through the lifeless puddles of black in his eyes.

The dancing flames along the ceiling died down until there was no light left in the room. The scarlet glare from the full moon peeked from the opening in the curtains and veiled their bodies in red.

Demetri took in several long shuddering breaths like it was his first time drawing in air.

Unconsciously, she did the same.

For the longest, they stared at one another, not saying a word.

Leaning over her, he pressed his forehead to hers and wrapped his arms around her. “What are we doing?” he asked again on a harsh whisper.

“I think we’re having angry sex. At least that’s what it felt like.” Trembling, she curled her fingers around his biceps and slid her hands up over the bunched muscles in his shoulders. “What I said before… I didn’t mean it. I—I don’t know why I said those things, or why I picked a stupid fight with you.”

“Your ire is justified. I have yet to fulfill your demon’s desires. My fear…” He lifted his head like an idea suddenly came to him. “The blood. It has possession over us.”

“What?” Chills crept beneath her flesh.

Lucius. His blood had fueled anger between them, preyed on her fears and doubts in an attempt to tear them apart. And he almost succeeded.

“Oh God, you’re right.” Damn, the things I said… “Demetri…”

All the pain he felt for what just happened spilled from his saddened gaze. Seeming lost in his grief, he pushed up off of her, got to his feet and adjusted his pants. “Sharayna, I don’t know if I can―”

Rayne shot up from the nest of pillows and pounced on him like a cat. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, and then slammed him onto the pillows, using her body weight to bring him down.

In a swift response, he flung her onto her back, pinned her arms out to her side and straddled her.

She erupted into a fit of giggles at the shocked look on his face.

“What is this?” His eyes were as wide as saucers. “Why did you do that?”

“I dunnooo,” she chortled, tears filling her eyes.

“Are you mad, Sharayna? After what just occurred, you want to rough house with me? Good God, woman!”

“Can’t you see? I’m bugging out here.” Delirious laughter turned into panting sobs. “I’m scared outta my damn mind, D. You see this mess? He got us going at each other like crazed fools and he’s not even here!” Her voice lowered to a shaky whisper. “What if—what if we don’t snap out of it next time? What if we really hurt each other?”

He pushed up and nestled his torso between her thighs. “Ohh, sweetheart…” His body, hot and heavy, rested on top of hers. “This is not the end. He has not bested us.”

She rested a shaky hand on his head. “How do you fight what’s a part of you?” Wetness bubbled up under her eyelids and trickled down her face. “How do you resist what’s in your blood?”

“Remember we’re not only connected by passion and desire.” He lifted up and sat back on his heels. “We are connected by something much stronger.” He placed her hand to his chest. His heartbeat and warmth radiated through her palm. “We will get through this, Sharayna.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

**Click the cover to be directed to the Amazon buy page.**

Be sure to check out the first 2 novels in the Dragon Queen Series before reading Scarlet Moon!


Silent Screams (Book 1)

SilentScreams2Sink your fangs into this edgy tale, consumed with dark romance, blood lust and creatures that lurk in the night.

R&B sensation, Sharayna “Rayne” Piers, lives her life dedicated to her music. On stage and in the studio, she pours her heart and soul into the lyrics of her songs, hoping to deliver a piece of herself to the listeners. But ever since her twentieth birthday, her seemingly normal life has taken a turn to the dark side.

Piercing screams and horrendous acts of murder seizes her mind, haunting her night and day. Women similar to her in age are vanishing all over the world without a trace. It leaves Rayne wondering if the rash of disappearances is connected to her visions.

Soon, she will discover the world she was raised in is just a cover for what really hides in the shadows, and that her life as a human is a deception to mankind, a guise to conceal her true nature. Will she shun the darkness that has befallen her or step up to the throne and become what she was created to be?


Shadow & Dust (Novella)

Unveil a world filled with monstrous shadows and whispering darkness.ShadowsnDust2

When darkness falls, Vampire Huntress Joan “Havoc” Dawson and her team gears up and steps out to meet the evil as it threatens to spill onto the streets of mankind.

On the second anniversary of her sister’s death, Havoc finds herself lured into a rundown neighborhood by an unknown entity. She stumbles upon a dark secret, one that’s guaranteed to claim many innocent lives.

But in order to destroy the creature behind the madness, Havoc may have to surrender her soul to the darkness.


I appreciate the support from readers and authors alike. You guys are my inspiration and my reason to keep this series going. Words cannot explain how thankful I am. 😀

Release Announcement for SCARLET MOON #ParanormalRomance #UrbanFantasy #InterracialRomance

Happy Friday, my friends!

I hope you had a productive week and I hope you’re ready for an awesome weekend.

As promised, today I will announce the release, or should I say rerelease date for book 2 of The Dragon Queen Series, SCARLET MOON.

The release date is a week from today, Friday, August 23rd 2013! I am super excited. 😀

The saga continues…

ScarletMoon_ebook_final_2Sharayna “Rayne” Piers has been plunged into a world of darkness, and stripped of her humanity. Half angel and half demon vampire, she is the mythical Dragon Queen, a birthright she finds difficult to accept. She struggles with the dual side of her psyche of good and evil, while fighting the growing urge to sate her unnatural hunger for human blood.

Lucius, the powerful spawn of Satan has risen from hell and released his demons to scour the earthly realm in search of the Dragon Queen. He’s determined to claim her as his mate and use her blood to overthrow his father, so he can take command over the seven levels of hell.

As Rayne’s protector, Demetri Bithanos fights to prevent the master demon from claiming his Queen. As her consort, he struggles with his aching need to be loved by her. But the dark lust of her vampiric nature reaches for the creature who desires to use her blood to fulfill his evil ambitions.

Can Demetri destroy Lucius before Rayne embraces the dark forces growing within her?

And here is a sultry teaser for your reading pleasure…

Demetri slid a hand over the back of her thigh and along the cleft of her nether lips. A soft mewl seeped from her parted lips. Her bent leg climbed up the side of his torso, granting him better access. He delved between her moist folds and trailed along her valley, slowly, going back and forth, causing her hips to follow his motion. She was so deliciously wet. His fingers slid back up to her swelled bundle of nerves, where he caressed it in circular swirls. It quivered under his touch.

She began to pant. “God, baby, you know how to work me up so good.”

“Just keep in mind you worked me first.” He easily sunk his fingers into her moist well where he stirred her wetness.

She purred like a feline in heat.

“I can never resist your seduction, sweetheart. You have authority over my body, and it seems you enjoy taking advantage of it.”

The slight heave of her hips set the pace of his thrusting digits. As she stroked his cock in the steady rhythm, she shuddered and said in a raspy coo, “You like to play with me, don’t you? I’d rather you put your big juicy dick where your fingers are.”

“Impish little angel.” He fastened his lips over hers and kissed her deeply. Their tongues collided and danced as he swallowed her needy whimpers. “Don’t be so hasty.” He briefly caught the ring attached to her flirtatious tongue between his teeth. “Remember what happened the last time I entered you without preparing your body first.”

She rolled her thumb around his engorged crown in a teasing manner, causing his hips to buck forward. “But it hurt so damn good, big D.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

On the release day, find out how to win a FREE copy of Scarlet Moon for your kindle. 🙂


Winner of the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway!

Hey there, folks!

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy getting my SWAG ready for the DragonCon. 😀 I can’t wait to share the many pictures I will take during the convention with you guys. I hope to see many of you there.

Thank you to all the authors, bloggers and readers who participated and entered in the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway.

Now to announce the winner of my blog hop.

The lucky winner is…

Mrs. Wanda Dixon

Yey! Congrats, Wanda! Here is what you won:

I hope you enjoy your winnings.

Thank you everyone for entering! My next blog hop with take place around Christmas and the prizes will be even bigger than this. 😀

What’s happening later this week? A sneak preview of the cover for Scarlet Moon, the 2nd book in The Dragon Queen Series!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Teaser from Scarlet Moon ~ Coming Soon #ASMSG

Here’s a little taste of Book 2 in the Dragon Queen Series, Scarlet Moon.


Demetri clenched his fangs as he forced the torturous image from his mind. A mixture of anger and lust enveloped him. She couldn’t help what she’d done. Demon blood was a part of her make, therefore, to desire Lucius was in her nature. Still, his demon wanted to punish her for her unfaithfulness. No, more like ravish her. He yearned to bend her over, lose his hands in her hair, yank her head back, and fill her hot core, repeatedly, in maddening amorous fury. He wanted to hurt her, make her scream, and then love her, kiss her sore womanhood, and overwhelm her body in rapture.

Her demon would welcome it. His demon would relish it.

A shudder raced through him as his shaft jerked beneath the fabric of his pants.

Primal dominance. Like any animal, this was the simple ingrained instinct of a master nightwalker, a gratifying method to remind his companion who she was mated to. Judging from the defiance of her inner Xsonri, he would be forced to prove his mastery as her king on a regular basis. Odd as it may seem, the very idea delighted him. Being mated to the Queen of the Dragons wouldn’t be enjoyable unless he had to prove his worth every now and again.


Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2013

Next week I’ll post a sneak peek of the cover. Hopefully, you’ll love it as much as I do. 😉

The Winged Beauty (Part 1)

Since the 2nd installment in the Dragon Queen series, Black Rayne Scarlet Moon, will be dropping soon, I thought I’d give you a teaser from the first book from the series, BLACK RAYNE SILENT SCREAMS. (Available at Amazon)

Thanks for swinging by and enjoy!

The Winged Beauty (Part 1)

Calroada Island

Demon Realm

From afar, the sharp bray of a blade sliced through the air and seized the night. Followed by the howls of the fallen, a brush of wind wafted the foul scent of demon blood into her senses.

They were coming.

At the place where the ocean met the sandy beach, the full moon illuminated the calm open waters, giving the night a false sense of peace.

As the scent of her wounded lover assaulted her senses, Nikena gazed back along the path she’d traveled and bristled. Nothing but the cold darkness stared back at her.

“Please, be patient, my dear Kaishan,” she whispered in a mental message. “I will retrieve your soul from purgatory and we shall be as one again.”

Clutching the bundle close to her breasts, she turned back to the ocean and moved forward. A spellbinding voice sifted up from the watery plain in song and warmed her bare feet as she crossed. She came upon a large coral reef. It shimmered like the bright orb watching from above.

“Princess Narri,” she softly called.

The song stopped and the water rippled. A burst of wind washed over her, lifting her hair from her shoulders. A playful giggle echoed in the distance as the mystical creature’s head pop out of the water like a curious child.

Narri’s magical presence shifted the breeze and strained the placid ambience surrounding her. The water fairy swam toward her in flashing speed, and then her head disappeared beneath the small waves.

The flutter of Nikena’s gown and flow of her hair froze in mid motion. Time paused, then resumed, bringing back the sound of the night. A pair of scaly hands reached out of the ocean and clamped onto the reef. The princess of Arna, the demon waters, emerged and rested her lamina coated frame on the limestone.

“Shame on you, milady, to make me wait so long to be blessed with your heavenly presence.” Extending her fin, Narri splashed her jestingly. “You should’ve told me you were coming. I would’ve prepared a meal.”

As always, Narri was a colorful dream. Magical hues of lavender and ocean blue scales stretched down her elongated aquatic tail, curves and torso. Small droplets of water seeped into the smooth, fawn shade of her full breasts, and made her appear as if the water hadn’t touched her at all. Bouncy aqua hair, which turned dark brown in the moonlight, dried instantly. Tiny iridescent sea creatures clung to her thick tresses, sparkling like gems.

“How thoughtful of you Narri, but unfortunately this visit is not for pleasure.”

“Aw,” Narri pouted, raking the tiny creature trinkets from her hair. “I was looking forward to splashing around with you again. I notice you are without your armor. Surely you can take one quick swim with me. It will ease your troubled mind, milady.”

Peering deep into Narri’s bright hazel eyes, Nikena gazed upon the image of herself in a sheer silver gown, which flowed gracefully against her mahogany skin.

“Just one little swim…” Narri’s words trailed off when a soft whimper came from the bundle held to her breasts. She gasped. “A child? You’ve brought a child with you?” Excited, she clapped her hands and flapped her fin. “Where did you get it from? Ooh, may I see?”

Nikena brushed the thin veil from the infant’s face and lowered her for Narri’s view.

“Oh my…” Narri scooted closer, nearly toppling off of the reef. “What a beauty.” Leaning in even closer, she inhaled the baby’s scent and stiffened. She swallowed hard and stared up at her wide-eyed. “Milady is this child the—”

“Yes,” Nikena replied.

“But, but you have—no, this is too soon,” Narri stammered, her eyes darting about nervously.

“No Narri. The time is now.”

“Oh no, that means the demons…” She tilted her head toward the dark forest. A storm of black clouded her irises. Her scales and fins turned a shade of onyx. “They are coming. Where is Lord Kaishan? Where are the dragons?” she asked, her mental words laced with panic.

Frowning, Nikena pressed her hand to her heart and looked away. The mention of her demon lover made her chest tighten. “My time is limited, my friend. I must pass a great responsibility onto you for the sake of God’s children.”

“What does milady command?”

The request sat on the edge of her tongue. She glanced down at her daughter’s beautiful face, so peaceful in deep slumber. There was so much at stake and to ask the lady of Arna to shed her scales and abandon her home, for the sacred love child nestled in her arms was too much to ask. But there was no one else she could trust.

“Milady, they are drawing near. Please tell me, what will you have me do?”

“Take my daughter from this place and protect her. These cursed demons are not to have her.”

An iridescent gleam glazed Narri’s eyes. “You trust me with such a precious being? I am honored. Where am I to take her, heavenly one?”

“Mayiki will open a portal for your escape. He awaits your arrival in Bahdea, the forest of enchantment.”

Swallowing back her emotions, she gazed at her lovely child once more, said a silent prayer then handed her to Narri. Sadness and grief weighed heavily on her heart as tears threatened to spill down her face. She took in a shaky breath and turned away.

Harboring howls of evil, a dark cloud moved across the bright moon, shading its radiant glow.  Nikena sought her spiritual energy for emotional balance.

“What will you do? Where will you go?”

A steady calm consumed her as the sounds of the approaching demons escalated. The heat of silver absorbed her irises and lightning cracked from the heavens. “I will do what I must.” She raised her hand and called out, “Arise Geantye!”

A bolt of lightning shot from the heavens and filled her hand with her war companion, Geantye, the double edged, spirit battle axe. His energy sparked and stirred, fusing with hers. Together they gleamed in raw power.

Ready for war, she squeezed his leather wrapped handle, and glanced at the silver-eyed creature staring at her through the reflection of the razor sharp blade. “I will distract them to give you time.” She turned to Narri and sprouted her wings.

Tears filled her friend’s eyes. “Milady, wait! Before you give into the call of the battle, please give me a name. Give me the name of your beautiful daughter.”

Nikena straightened her back and glared up into the wickedness that consumed the night sky. “Sharayna. My daughter’s name is Sharayna.”

The zephyr teased her feathers and with a powerful flap of her wings, she ascended from the watery plain and took to the air. The stirring wind engulfed her in a hot rush, fueling her energy.

Against her better judgment, she sucked in her dreariness and searched for one last look at her child, but Narri no longer occupied the reef. A smile of relief curved her lips. “Swim hard, my friend.”

“Where is she, Nikena?” hissed an entity, manifesting out of the blackness which coalesced before her.

He took shape as hundreds of blood thirsty chingi demons separated from the dark cloud. Combined with their foul stench, the sound of their leathery wings flapping in the wind surrounded her.

“You cannot keep her from—”

With the unseen swipe of her axe, she severed the ghastly creature’s head. “You dare to speak of my daughter, demon?”

“You will pay for that, wench!” shrieked another.

She flashed before him and claimed his head before he could strike. Their angry howls over their fallen comrades charged her intent.

She raised her battle axe to the sky, blazing hot silver. “Now, who else wants a taste of my blade?”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

To be continued next Sunday. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

The artwork featured in this piece was created by Kyle Chaney Jr. of Plan B Comics. That’s my boy!