Silent Screams Cover Reveal

She’s here to set the world on fire!

I’m so excited about this rebrand. For this cover, we’re starting with the dragon queen herself. Rayne! Each cover will feature a character from the series. My CA and I thought it would be really cool to offer a different character for every release. I can’t wait for you guys to see them all! You can collect them like Pokémon. LOL! My CA and I will work on character bookmarks later in the year.

Many of you know the Dragon Queen series is close to my heart. This epic adventure has followed me from a horrible trad publishing experience to my self-publishing career. And the blood, sweat, and tears were all worth it.

Release Date: June 13th, 2023

New Cover Coming Soon

I have a cover reveal coming up! It’s the new and improved cover for Silent Screams, Book 1 of the Dragon Queen series. I can’t wait for you guys to see her. She is breathtaking!

I decided a year ago to update the content and the appearance of the DQ series. I’m over the moon and gliding through the stars about this revamp, something that’s long overdue. While writing the 6th book in this series, I realized my writing voice had changed. Or more so, evolved. It’s very different from my voice at the beginning of this series. So different that if you compare book 1 to the latest installment, you’d think 2 different authors had a hand in this series. And you would be right! Because I’m not the same author I was five years ago. I had to step up my game, so I did. It’s the same story, but it has better scenes. I’ll also add some scenes I took out for word count purposes. Screw those word counts! Let’s eat until hearts are content. It’ll have all the meat, potatoes, steam, and spice, with a heavy dose of fiyah. So, buckle up and brace yourselves! I’m not holding back this time. 😉

Romance with Curves for FREE

It’s release day! 

I present to you the Romance with Curves anthology!

Prince Zavier, a hybrid vampire elf, has lost his eternal heart, and he will move heaven and earth to get her back. 

A tragic event caused Nicoya to lose her memories. The second she lays eyes on the prince, she’s doused with fragments of recollection and a desire she cannot deny.

In the story, A Noble’s Eternal Heart, Prince Zavier and Nicoya embark on a journey to reclaim what has been lost.  If you like your Romance with Curves, you will love this collection.

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