Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop #ASMSG

Hi there, fellow authors, bloggers and readers!

Hot_summer_romance_giveaway_hop_graphicI’m excited to announce that I’m participating in the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop! Sponsored by The Insatiable Reads Book Tour

For those of you who don’t know what a blog hop giveaway is, don’t fret, I’m going to tell you.

Each participating blog hosts a giveaway and then we link up together allowing our followers to hop from one giveaway to the next.

Enter to win over 150 giveaways hosted by our participants!

Alrighty people, now it’s time to announce my prizes for the hop.

Follow a few simple steps and you can win these great prizes! If you enter on the blog hop, there’s a chance to win an even bigger prize! There are 2 grand prizes that can be yours.

#1 is a Kindle Fire. (I have one, and it is a must have for serial readers like myself.)

#2 is a $50 gift certificate (Just think of all the books you could buy.)

To win the prizes above:

1. First, leave a comment answering this question. (Don’t forget to include your name and email addy)

What is your idea of the perfect romantic evening?

2. Next step, click “like” at the bottom of this post. If anything, do it because you want to make me smile. 🙂

3. If you’re on Facebook, “like” my Yvonne Nicolas Fan Page, because I’M AMAZING! OR if you have a Twitter account, follow me @YvonneNicolas

4. And lastly, follow my blog.

Keep in mind that you have to follow all of these steps in order to win!

If you already follow my blog, fan page or follow me on twitter, just state it in the comment area when you answer the question, and you’ll be good to go.

At the end of the contest, I’ll randomly choose a winner. Then I’ll announce the winner a day after the contest ends. So make sure you get your answer in and complete the steps before the 21nd of July.

(Note: this contest is for US contestants only.) Sorry. 😦

Click the little image above to view the list of participants and get to their blogs.


29 Replies to “Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop #ASMSG”

  1. Honestly it’s corny, but it’s when my boyfriend and I cook dinner at home. When we both specifically set aside time for each other and can relax and enjoy an amazing meal. It’s really romantic.

    1. I forgot I did all the stuff you requested. I follow via email, liked the post and your facebook page. (also it game me issues when I tried to post my comment the first time and when I clicked on the link to your facebook page on the post itself it wouldn’t take me to it. Just wanted to let you know)

      Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Does it have to include my husband? Who don’t get me wrong? But I would rather have one night off, no children, sitting reading my romance books. That would be a romantic gift wouldn’t it? Ok, going to my favorite restaurant with my husband and home to no kids after. 🙂 heather1974 at gmail dot com

  3. I think a romantic day would be walking along the Tuscany villages… with some wine 😉

    Valerie Rhodes
    vals_hemi at yahoo dot com

  4. My romantic night is dinner at my favorite restaurant with my hubby and no kids. Then laying around watching movies and talking..I think i need to get one planned.

    FB: Mel Bourn
    email follow: bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  5. I just had a romantic night , dinner (Dennys) not Red Lobster but who’s complaining ;). and a movie (Man of Steel).

    liked this post- dawna newman
    like fb page- Dawna Newman

    follow- donnablhmistress or vampiremistress2010(at)gmail(dot)com


  6. I nice peaceful night with a home cook meal with my hubby after dinner either a movie or a card game.

  7. A quiet night at home with a home cooked meal and movie, with the next day off from both work and school would be perfect.


  8. Staying at home and having a nice meal and watch a movie.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  9. elements would be…campfire, beach, wine and snuggling at sunset!
    So many great books being added to my TRB list today!!
    Thanks for being in the hop!

  10. Followed your blog, liked your Facebook page and well are you smiling? Ok now to answer your question. My idea of a most romantic evening ever would be if the gentlemen knew enough about me to surprise me with a special evening set up just for me, something that I liked to do, I’m not talking what he thinks would be right, he would have to know what I think would be special. And then treat me like a queen the whole night with respect. I don’t mean Queen as in spending lots of money or trying to spoil me with gifts, I mean like when you go visit the Queen you are very respectful and don’t act like a clown. I’m kinda rambling here, but I hope you got what I am trying to say. This may be why I can’t write my book, huh. Anyways, Thanks for sharing the awesome giveaways. evamillien at gmail dot com

  11. I would love a nice relaxing night alone with my hubby! 🙂 Also I followed all the steps except I couldn’t figure out how to like the post. Thank you so much for being a part of this hop and for giving me the opportunity to win!

  12. Dinner and a movie is about it for me. Following on all mentioned, thanks for participating in the hop and for a chance to win.

    dragon5174 at gmail dot com

  13. A quiet dinner at the beach followed by quiet conversation and some quality “alonr time.”
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

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