Review: Shades of Green by Ian Woodhead

Holburn was just like any other northern English town, at least on the surface. Buried below the local woodland, something had begun to tunnel up… Within hours, Holburn suffers a drastic transformation as invasive, bizarre plant-life infest the town, the population and wildlife transform into rampaging, blood-thirsty beasts. A handful of survivor’s battle to stay alive and search for answers.

Whoohoo, this one gave me the shudders and nightmares.  To me, a horror story isn’t good unless it has me tossing and turning at night. J

Now on to the review… I must admit, I was a little concerned after reading the first few chapters of this book. The direction was unclear and the premise was a bit confusing. There were some sections I had to read twice to get a grasp on what was happening. Because it often joggled from past to present (without warning) it not only made the read jarring, but the age of the main characters not very clear. Damian and Alan’s age wasn’t truly cleared up until the middle of the story. There’s a big cast of characters to follow, which usually doesn’t hinder a read for me, but the many errors and inconsistencies in this story made it difficult to continue.

However, I’m glad I did!

A quarter into the story, I couldn’t put it down. The storyline was both engaging and thrilling.  The creatures were believable and the world building was outstanding. I only wish this story would’ve been edited. If you can get past the overabundance of errors, you will really enjoy the story!

I give Shades of Green 3 dragon hearts:

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