Pimpin’ Sunday ~ Thrash Rise of Shidou #Comics #Anime

Every now and then I run across exceptional individuals and when I do, I like to let everyone else know how exceptional they are.

My friend Matt Johnson, a freelance artist, shared a section of his latest work with me, and I’m compelled to share it with you.

Most of you already who have read my urban fantasy novels know that I’m a big fan of anime, or anything action-packed, with plenty of ass kicking. So when Matt dropped a few pages of Trash on my FB page, it got my attention. 😀

Now, for your viewing pleasure…


By Matt Johnson


Three Ebonai survivors of an ambush owe their lives to a masked man. However after revealing the masked man’s purpose, they find that their fates are intertwined.

Using the mystical power of Onmyodou, Empress Geimei has sought control over the 12 nations creating the Kingdom of Suikon. Empowered and favored by the gods themselves the kingdom continues to rise. However, a mysterious masked man attempts to overthrow the mighty nation.




CLICK HERE to Score Your Copy of Thrash Rise of Shidou

Want to see more of Matt Johnson’s work? Check out his FB page: www.facebook.com/myndfury

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