Flash Fiction Friday #1 ~ Possessive

Happy Friday readers and fellow bloggers!

Flash Fiction Friday #1 ~ Possessive

He didn’t struggle when I grabbed him from behind and yanked him into the dark alley. I nuzzled his neck and dragged my tongue over his heated flesh.

Melting against me, he whispered, “Dale, don’t do this. We’re supposed to be separated.”

Anxious to have him, I ripped his shirt open and ran my hands over the smooth contours of his muscled chest.

He moaned and pushed his backside into my aching erection, jarring a throaty groan from me. My hand drifted down his torso, beneath his trousers and took hold of his stirring length.

“I’ll never let you go.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2011

Thank you for reading. ;o) Much Love. Muah!


27 Replies to “Flash Fiction Friday #1 ~ Possessive”

  1. All right now – you are a FFF’er now, no longer a virgin. So, he is just going to take what he wants and his Ex is going along for the ride. Yvonne, you know how to create a scene and I found my mind going in 3-4 different directions as to what might happen next. Excellent.

  2. What is it about the intensity of breaking up that stimulates the passion and lust for estranged couples? It doesn’t always happen, but, when it does, it’s explosive. You captured that very well in 100 words.

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