Flash Fiction Friday #20 ~ Next In Line

Yes, the start of another weekend!

I’ve written a flash fiction from the image below, which was chosen by one of my FFF comrades. Exactly 100 words, no more, no less.

This image put me to mind of a novel that will be dropping next year. So I gave you taste of it. It’s another short tale to the Dragon Queen series. It’s a juicy m/m/f navel and it stars the crazy wolf alpha Maurisio Bithanos’ eldest son, Roman Bithanos. I can’t wait for this one to drop ‘cause it is super hawt. 😉

Enough chitty chat. Let’s get to flashing!

 (This image was chosen by Sharita Lira)


Flash Fiction Friday #20 ~ Next In Line

“I love you.”

Roman gazed up at Erik as his hand grazed along his inner thigh. “Aw c’mon, you just love my doggy style.”

“I’m serious, Rome.”

Laughing, Roman shook his head. “Baby, you don’t even know who I really am.”

“Enlighten me then.”

“I’m the oldest of my siblings, the next alpha in line to lead the Chalvaiz clan.”

Eyes wide in fear, Erik pulled back. “Whoa, hold up, Chalvaiz clan? You’re Maurisio Bithanos’ son?”

Roman nodded. “Yep.”

Erik quickly hopped to his feet. “Fuck, I shouldn’t be here with you.”

Lounged back, Roman chuckled, “Nope, you probably shouldn’t.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Wanna find out more about Maurisio and the Chalvaiz clan. Score your copy of Black Rayne Silent Screams, which is currently on sale at Amazon. I guarantee you’ll crave more. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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11 Replies to “Flash Fiction Friday #20 ~ Next In Line”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Yummmmmmmmm-O, indeed. I always do things I shouldn’t too. Great fun and wildly intoxicating, juts like this post! Good luck with the release:) xo


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